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News At Last Ultrasound,

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Well after a week or so waiting anxiously for results I finally got some news,gallstones,no ascites, no other sign of anything else,it says as I was told last year about gall stones but I wasn't told and its not mentioned on my last scan,only course echo texture,But Fab News,just gutted again for worrying my daughters as I was told it was to rule out (C) but all good,just the feta protein now,and GGT,confident of the GGT but what is a good feta protein,thanks for all of your support and kind a family I never had.

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Have they told you where these gallstones are, and what do they intend to do about them?

No,it just says there were gallstones as previously noted,!! No evidence of inflammation of gallbladder,! Comment Reassuring,but checked my last ultrasound,! And there is no mention of gallstones at all,so can't see why it says as noted,!!!,

Hi,I keep a file dated from jan 2019,where I was diagnosed with a possible bowel cancer,I've had three ultrasounds,two ct,scans,abdomen,ct barium swallow, colonoscopy,11 endoscopes ,and nothing about gall stones,but in July 2020,before I knew about cirrhosis there was a HIC hup mix up with hospital records,where it was suggested I had cirrhosis in 2014, but failed to tell them, it was a clerical error, right name wrong person,!!!, hope you can see my concerns,I have raised them with the trust board,it is under investigation, although he says I have gallstones can't work out why no treatment plan is their,thanks for reply,Daughters elated with news.!!

Hello again Charloy, the reason I ask this, is that gallstones have a nasty habit of travelling. They can quite often leave the gallbladder and become stuck in the bile duct. When this happens, bile from the liver is unable to flow. This can then become backed-up and become infected and cause damage to the liver in the process.

Often when a person has a gallbladder removed, some of those stones could have travelled elsewhere and not been detected at the time.

My wife had her gallbladder removed some ten years ago. But, seven years later her liver enzymes would rise and then later return to normal.

This went on for three years. Finally a scan showed that she had a left over gallstone that was becoming blocked in the bile duct. This was causing the liver enzymes to rise. Later, this gallstone would free itself and the bile could once again flow freely. Is was then later getting stuck again and the whole process was repeated.

She finally had to have an out patients operation to remove these stones. This was last year and four stones were removed.

I merely mention this for information purposes only and sincerely hope this doesn't happen to you. See if you can have them got rid of, and also ask how many there are.

Good Luck


Will definitely ask the question Monday, search again in hospital notes and no suggestions of stones,it doesn't make sense as I asked a friend also and they asked how many,! And I don't know,should I have been told how many,but bear in mind that he said my potassium level was high,at 0.01 which is a small change, I will keep you posted,but have no symptoms of anything related to liver,or anything else,I have heard they can be very painful,thanks for reply.

That's really good news, all your hard work is paying off , xx😊

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Charloy in reply to Tia2021

Thanks tia,still in the mission to prove some of this is Aspirin related,hope your OK,!!,needed some good news lost three good friends in the last 3 months, keep battling on.

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Tia2021 in reply to Charloy

That's really sad, I get what you mean but know doubt they will make there own presumptions , yeah I keep soldiering on , Take care xx 😊

Well done!

We all have routine scans every 6 months and they are all given mainly to rule out cancer!They don't check on the progress of cirrhosis, they are because we have a SLIGHTLY increased chance of liver cancer and catching it early means its more likely to be curable.

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