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Hi All, I'm really new here but worried and wondered if you could offer any advice? I had some blood tests done this week as my GP suspected I might have gall stones (bit of discomfort generally in the tummy, not just upper abdomen) and a couple of my lf tests were slightly elevated. My GGT was 95 and ALT was 44. All other bloods were normal. I had an abdominal ultrasound which was normal. 

A couple of weeks ago I was put on an antiepileptic med caused Lamotrigine for migraines. I had a terrible reaction  to it and developed the first stages of Steven Johnson Syndrome and had to stop the meds very quickly. Is it possible that the Lamotrigine could cause the abnormal ALT and GGT? Secondly, is it possible for these numbers to return to normal? 

Thank you in advance for your help, 

C xxx

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  • My lab has the normal range of ALT as 10-50iu/L so if yours does too then your ALT is normal.  Why did you think it was not?

    My lab has the normal range of GGT as 10-53iu/L so your GGT is only slightly elevated, presume the scan showed no gallstones.

    Some medications do elevate liver enzymes, but as you are not taking the drug that you had a reaction to it should not affect your liver long term.  It sounds like your reaction was extremely rare so i would not be surprised if nobody on here has heard of it or had similar.  Well done to your medics for picking up what was happening.  If your liver is under stress is there a possibility this is due to the thyroid med combination you are medicating with.

    Has the GP said if they will re-check you liver enzymes in a few months to reassure you. 

  • Thank you so much for your reply. The reference range for ALT is given as 10 - 36 and GGT is given as 5 - 35. I know that liver function tests are very sensitive but it has worried me immensely. The scan showed no gallstones and was entirely normal. 

    I have got to have them rechecked in a little while to double check them, meanwhile it is smoothies and water for me.... Is there anything I can do to help my liver function myself? 

    Thank you once again for your invaluable help. 

  • I know its scary to have a result out of normal range, but your GP will not be worried about such as small elevation.  In cases of acute liver damage the levels will be more like in the 1,000s for ALT.  

    The liver does over 500 different things for us.  Read about it here and see if there are any areas where you can give it more TLC.  My advice would be 'less is more', so dont start adding supplements or vitamins or 'liver cleansers' or whatever, just let your liver do its stuff with minimal extra work from what you put in to your body.

    PS If you are making your own smoothies, that's ok, but dont consume manufactured ones as they will have added sugar.  Unless you are acutely ill or overweight or drinking more alcohol than the recommended amount there is no reason to change from a normal healthy diet that is low sugar, low convenience food, high in fresh foods you prepare yourself.

    Are you confident that the thyroid medication you are buying  (post on other forum) is ok and not a potential cause of stress to your liver.

  • Ah, funny you should mention the thyroid meds!!! I have stopped all but thyroxine (which is the normal treatment for hypothyroidism) until I see what is what. Thank you so much for your advice, I am just making veggie based drinks myself in my nutribullet, not buying commercial stuff.. Too much sugar!! 

  • I wont comment about the other issues but I wouldn't worry about those GGt levels-they're not bizarre

  • Thank you for that, I'm trying not to worry, but I just keep imagining the worse as my doctor didn't really reassure me😫 Liver function tests are not something I really understand and I really don't want to google it, which is why I thought I would write here. Thank you once again C xxx

  • youre welcome-loads of good advice on this site

  • Sounds like a good idea to stick to UK prescribed meds, then your doctors know what is going on.  Is there any reason why you prefer to puree your vegetables into drinks?  Are you trying to loose weight.

  • I purée my veggies just once a day as I am gluten free due to having ulcerative colitis and I just enjoy having the extra fruit and veg and not having to crave normal bread!! I know everyone thinks they are healthy, but I genuinely don't drink really (maybe one unit per week), I exercise regularly and am gluten free so I really don't get the slightly bizarre liver results, particularly when the doctor did nothing to reassure me about them 🙄 C x 

  • Ps.. Not trying to lose weight really, I am 10.5 stone and 5"5 so not drastically overweight. 

  • From a rough calculation your BMI is within normal range for your height.  Is there a particular reason why you prefer to use the Nutribullet rather than eat vegetables as part of a normal meal.

  • I eat loads of veg with my meals, I just use the nutribullet for breakfast or lunch (not both) as I love them :-) 

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