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HG recovery time

Hi my wife has just had a liver transplant first one failed had the second one 5days later big problems in hospital with recovery.

She has had bad hand tremors for about 18months but every time she has gone in hospital and had lots of blood and plasma put in the tremors go for a few days so we are hoping the tremors are due to bad blood.

The hospital have said all the indications in the blood look good and everything is going fine with the liver.

One question you might be able to help with they said her HG was still low I have heard that it can take 2 months for the correct HG level to come back after transplant does that sound about right to you guys

I would ask the doctors but I cannot get to the hospital


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Is this haemoglobin that you mean by HG? If so, its a test to measure the oxygen carrying red blood cells. Lots of things can deplete these: - loss of blood, medication, liver disease, enlarged spleen. She probably could tick most of those boxes. Low Hb will cause symptoms of fatigue and breathlessness. In the short term it can be treated by blood transfusion - if the docs were really concerned. In the long term her body should slowly re-make the correct amount of red blood cells.


You are correct she ticks ALL of those boxes and some others that might or might not effect the RBC as you say she has had transfusions before and the tremors have stopped for a few days, looks like we will have to wait a couple of months to see if the HG levels rise to their correct level and see if the tremors go



Hi mate Jesus your wife is going through hell at the moment , the only advice I can give you is , I had tremors for weeks after and before transplant due to the steroid s they give you but they will go away once taken of them . The first few months everything is upside down with madication , but when they have got your wife stable with them , things will get better , all the best to you and your wife and good luck


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How's your wife now after the stroke, is she recovering ok? Hb takes a while to improve, after my bleed they gave me injections of EPO which helps increase your Hb, if not iron/folic rich foods and drinks really do speed up the production of red blood cells. You've both been through the mill hopefully now things will start looking up. Good luck. 😃

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Hi she is getting better her walking is improving she says her right foot does not feel right but I hope it will get there, her eyes are a lot better and still getting better, she still has quite bad arm tremors but hopefully as the bloods get right and she comes off the meds that will improve as well

The good news is the hospital are happy with the way the liver is responding

She goes in for a check tomorrow so we will see what a couple of days at home has done

With all the problems the poor woman has had I am praying for good news


That sounds promising doesn't it? Hopefully great news tomorrow. 😊


Doctors were happy yesterday they did say the liver is not fully working I am hoping this is normal and it could take a couple of weeks for it to settle in and start to work fully

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It is good that the doctor's are happy but I'm surprised they let your wife go home. Usually they wait until the liver is fully working and the blood results are showing that. How is she doing at home?


Hi yes I was surprised that they let her go, I also thought they would have kept her there until the liver was fully working, but we put our trust in them.

She is doing okay at home more family round her ans it has given her some things to do which has helped.



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