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Post transplant recovery

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Hi some of you know me and what my wife has gone through for those that do not she had a liver transplant it failed she had a second transplant 5 days later started to recover and then had a stroke.

good news people she is now doing really well looks at least 10 years younger feeling lots better still a bit weak but after 3 weeks in a hospital bed lots of muscle wastage but she is getting better still got the shakes and the right foot and hand are not quite right yet and a bit of a bladder problem but it is still early days only been out five weeks.

A very big thanks to all of you that have talked to me over the last few months you did make me feel better and helped to show me to keep looking forward and it would all come right

Thanks again


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Dave, that is such good news! Now you can start looking forward....

Oh that's great news! Onwards and upwards now hopefully, thank you for keeping us posted we've been with you in spirit! Lots to look forward too, all the best. 😃 X

good news dave, i pray that your wifes recovery continues. take good care of yourself also. god bless you both. love grace xoxo

Thats great news Dave , I hope your wife continues to recover 😊

This is wonderful news. May her recovery continue well and what a great husband she has xxx

So glad to hear she is on the mend and doing so well! Yay!

It just be a huge relief for you. Our partners go through so much!

I'm thinking about you both & sending good thoughts your way!

All the best to you!



Thank you for updating us. It is so good to know where another fellow transplant patient and their family are doing well. Hoping she comes on leaps and bounds!

Good luck.

Aww good news I had to tranplant. 8 1/2 years ago X. The early days are the hardest I could not walk after a month in hospital but doing fab know X. You wife will get there x

Thank God everything now okay my best to both off you you are both very brave people I only hope I can be the same when my turn comes. Annette

Fantastic news. Love to all.xx

Thats such positive news,things will only get better for you both,you deserve it xx

So glad your wife is over the worst of things.

If it's any consolation she is not alone. My husband had his transplant 3 years ago then had a stroke 1 year ago.

He was lucky in that it only affected his peripheral vision. He is now registered partially sighted.

I do wonder if there is some link between liver transplant or transplant in general and a stroke?

Have any other forum members had this sort of experience?

Glad you are both keeping well and getting back to normal.


Hi Dave,

Not been on here for a little is your wife recovering from her 2nd liver transplant and her stroke? I know the op was a while ago but been thinking of her. If you don't want to reply no problem or maybe send me a private message.

Sending your wife and family best wishes Nicki x

Hi just come across the post - a bit late- I had liver transplant 19 months ago. I had to have 2 as the first one failed almost immediately then about 2 weeks later - still in iTunes- had a couple of strokes- cerebellum - and I was

Unconscious for about three Months. I eventually was on a ward and slowly at rehab for six weeks I went home six months after transplant . I considered elf unlucky to have a stroke buy lucky to have a life saving transplant . I have gradually recovered over the last year and have mobility problems and some visual difficulties. But I know the transplant saved my life and am very grateful for that - the strokes were just a problem that I have tried hard to overcome and getting there. Good luck to your wife I know I appriciTe everything my I husband and children have done and still doing for me. Good luck xx

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