Elevated alt and ast

I recently went to the hospital with pain in upper abdomen and diarrhea. They did ct scan and blood work and everything seemed fine. The next day i was still feeling bad so i went to a different hospital. They took my blood again and my alt and slt and changed from the day before. So they transfered me to a hospital that was better equipped for testing. They did a MRI and everything came back fine. They also did an upper GI which was alos fine. Every other ensyme and blood test they di was fine and the hep tests came back negative. What could have caused my alt and ast levels to raise? They said they where starting to go back down aftsr 5 days in the hospital but I havent seen the results to thise tests yet. Just wondering what could have caused this?

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  • No telling. It could be a food you ate. Drinking, eating oysters. Just recheck to see how you are reading in 3 months. Best of luck.

  • I ate some sea food the day before I got sick. I dont drink at all so not sure. I do have an appointment set up to get tested again next month. Ty for your response.

  • Thats interesting. Have you ever read about the mercury content in sea food? If its raw, bigger trouble. I never touch it, it would shut my already failing liver down entirely. I had to give it up more than 6 years ago, every time I ate it, my liver hurt badly. Good luck.

  • That is interesting. I never thought of that. I had fish, shrimp, and clams. Thanks for the info. Ill look into that.

  • Or you can watch a documentary called "The Cove"

  • Ill check it out

  • It's good that all tests were clear there just seems to have been a little glitch in your LFT's for a minute. I wouldn't worry too much about that as you said a re-test in a month should put your mind at rest. Can I ask over how long a period of time were these tests it all seems quite quick it usually takes months for all those tests!! May I ask wher you are living?

  • I had those tests done withindone within the 5 days I was at the hospital. I live in America. I was at St Ritas hospital in Ohio. Didnt take them long to get the tests done. A few days. They also have a place i can view my results online.

  • I got more test results from the next day and my ast is back to normal range but my alt is still 100 and that was the day after my first test. My alt had dropped from 163.

  • Hi joe b the best person to answer your question is your doctor ! The only thing i can suggest is to keep a diary of what you eat so as if it happens again they would in a better place to tell whats causing it ! Good luck !

  • Thank you for your comment. I diary sounds like a good start.

  • Taking over the counter meds such as for headaches, body aches, colds, allergies, etc. will make liver enzymes elevate if your have taken them over 3 days, even if your have a healthy normal liver.

  • I had a similar experience I had diarrhea and felt really weak and went to the emergency room ....my alt was 1837! And my blood pressure had been dangerously low .

    They said I was dehydrated and administered IV fluids during my day stay there. I followed up with my cardiologist and he reduced my Furosemide which is a water pill from 40 mg a day to 20 mg a day .... My alt is till high 232 and my GGT 177as well but not as high as that day in the hospital .... They think the extremely high reading of 1837 was caused by the dehydration from too much furosemide.... and the diarrhea...Also dehydration can throw your liver enzymes really out of whack .... Were you dehydrated ? I feel much better since my dosage was lowered although I still have some elevation ...my alt enzymes last time was 232....not 1837... Last week I had another abdominal ultrasound and my liver came back looking OK .... Have been told that dehydration can throw your liver enzymes really out of whack .... I am drinking more water throughout the day since my admission to the hospital ...also diarrhea can throw your liver enzymes out of whack.... I still have no answer for the elevated liver enzyme's except that they found gall stones on the abdominal ultrasound last week ... I'm seeing my Gastro next week and will ask him more questions ....I hope my answer helped you...

  • Yes I was dehydrated, and i dont have a gallbladder but was having gallbladder attack type pains. I havent went back for another blood test yet, I will on the 17th of august. I know since ive had my gallbladder out ( been 4 years) I still have these gallbladder attack type pains. From what ive researched some people do and some people don't. It has a lot to do with your diet. Ive changed my diet and things have been going very well so far. I was also on bp meds that after my stay in the hospital they decide I didnt need at all. I had been taking them for a while. :( Not to happy about that, but I dont take them now and I seem less tired all the time like I was.I think my blood pressure was always low and making me tired. Good luck to you and thank you for your response.

  • You are welcome...Beta blockers for HBP can make you very tired... Some people tolerate them well and others don't ... I know when I was first put on them I was exhausted but I have to take them because my blood pressure is pretty bad ...I now take by Bystolic along with other high blood pressure medicines.... And that does make me quite as tired ... Yes you were probably really dehydrated and that will throw the liver enzymes really out of whack .... Happy to hear that you were able to stop your blood pressure medicines that's wonderful ! And that you're doing better ... Best of luck and take care.


  • PS if you don't already have a blood pressure machine it might be a good idea to purchase one and to check your blood pressure maybe once a day .... I bought one after a hospitalization about four years ago ... And that is how I diagnosed my very low blood pressure that sent me to the hospital recently with the dehydration ..... If I hadn't taken my blood pressure that day I probably would've taken my handful of blood pressure medicine and gone 6 feet under because my blood pressure was dangerously low already .....OMRON makes pretty good blood-pressure machines ...mine is quite accurate ....., you can purchase one and then take it to the doctor with you or even to a fire station and have them take your blood pressure with it and with their cuff to check its accuracy .... It uses electricity but when I travel I just put batteries in it .They are a very good investment in your health ...Best wishes.


  • Tha k you for the info. My Dr. Office is about a mile down my road so i can stop in anytime to get my bp checked. It works out really well

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