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Hydatid liver cyst

hello All, i am new to here but feel i need to ask for advice. To cut a long story short, i may have a hydatid cyst in my liver (apparently it is a parasite), i have absolutely no idea how i may have this if i do but i am due to see a Consultant this Friday and it can't come soon enough - i need to know more about this and whether it can be treated OK. I am very scared an worried as i had never even heard of this type of cyst before. Can anyone give me some advice? TIA

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its caused by tape worms egg, likely from dog poo. A dog licks its behind and then licks your face and you accidentally ingest the eggs.

Its appears to be a well performed operation in the middle east especially, but its not like popping a big cyst on your shoulder or something, it seems this has to be done very carefully.


Thanks for your helpful reply. I will discuss possible treatment with my consultant on Friday and the sooner i get treated the better as i cannot bear the thought of this cyst inside me. I believe you can buy worm killing tablets over the counter and although i am tempted to do so, part of me thinks i should wait until Friday but i really want to do something about it NOW. Maybe i should see my GP in the next day or two to see what they think i should do, i really do not want to wait a minute longer - God knows how long these things have been inside me, it would explain a lot why i've been feeling so ill. Do you think my liver is now damaged because of this problem? thanks


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