Diagnosed With Simple Liver Cyst

Following abdominal pain tenderness I was diagnosed with a simple liver cyst by my gi liver doctor.

Nothing was recommended as to follow on treatment apart from try eat high protein foods.

Issues I still have : stomach hypersencativaty HE said this no treatmeant for .. like I even know what that is.

Also my pain discomfort is still there and also I am feeling feverish hot sweaty when I eat.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal for simple liver cyst 

Cheers thanks 

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Sorry to hear about your pain. I have polycystic liver disease, so my liver looks like a bunch of grapes and I have constant abdominal tenderness and a lot of pain. I also have some hypersensitivity and find that a neuropathic pain killer such as amitryptillin or gabapentin work well. I find that heat packs work well too.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Clairey27

    Cheers thanks, have never none out so horrendous. I have few other condition's and doc's always talking about my pain killer use.

    Is all very worry especially when effects your eating DO you feel feverish when you eat 

  • I don't feel feverish when I eat but I often get really bloated which then causes more pain. I can't pinpoint particular foods tho. I also have reflux so am on a ppi as Bolly refers to, this might help.  

  • Hi Clairey27 Cheers thanks ... Is same symptoms as mine truly is horrendous.

    Thanks again cheers 

  • Have you been offered any proton pump inhibiters for the stomach sensitivity, such as omeprazole or lansoprazole?

  • Hi Cheers was offered nothing BUT I do take maintenance antibiotics for lung condition SO don't really know if that was why I was offered nout.

  • Not sure why you were given advice to eat a high protein diet?  That's something people in the final stages of liver disease are advised to do if they are underweight.  Most of us eat a normal diet.

    However if you are having gastric issues there are a few things you could try:

    You could do an elimination diet, which means for a while cut out one food groups, say gluten or dairy.  See if your symptoms improve.  If they do, then you have possibly found the culprit.  If they dont, then re-introduce the gluten or the dairy and cut out something else, like sugar.  It takes a long time and you must only cut out one food group at a time or you dont know what the trigger is.

    Keep a food diary and see if some foods are worse than others, ie i cant eat saturated fats any more, so things like fish and chips are a no no (sob sob).

    Long term pain killers are notorious for causing gastric problems and can cause ulcers and internal bleeding.  Have a frank talk with your GP about the best pain killers for you, perhaps a patch rather than tablets so the drugs by-pass your stomach.

    Long term antibiotics will have long term damaging effects too, but with them it may be a risk benefit dilemma if you are taking them for a life threatening lung condition.  Do you have cystic fibrosis or something?

  • Hi Cheers you have been more helpful than my doctors DEFO agree about frank talk needed .... Is that why hospital would always be asking if I ever had hepatitis  if indeed is final stages of liver dieaees.

    Food diary think your right is way forward .. I know bread is main culprit milk dairy even curry am ok with.

    As you can guess I have had few issues and think antibiotics sterilised my guts BUT like you say is all part of dieases trade offs I guess.

    Defo don't make it any easy to live with ... Thanks again for help feed back 

  •  "Is that why hospital would always be asking if I ever had hepatitis if indeed is final stages of liver dieaees." - i dont know as i dont know the background to you being in hospital.

  • Hi cheers yer i was in hospital for lung issues.

    But  i was always curious as never had hepatitis why the would ask.

    Dose liver trouble go hand in hand with hepatitis

  • Hepatitis is the Latin for 'inflammation of the liver'

  • Hi Cheers ... The say can have simple liver cyst from birth so why do the only give you trouble when older tho

  • Perhaps it depends where they are and if they are now causing blockages or pressing on surrounding organs.

  • Trouble i have had and was only when i asked for ct scan results i found out.

    Guess it might least of my issues well in there opinion i guess. 

  • Sorry Jeff I can't understand your first sentence.

  • Is ok.

    Did post on good day :) 

  • Still baffled 🙃

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