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Update on transplant


My husband is now fully awake and conscious... He seems to have a grip of all that's around him apart from yesterday when he thought the nurse was Brenden Rogers! He also thought that they had had enough of him in theatre and sent him to prison... This seemed to subside today and he's making a lot more sense. The kidney dialysis is still going but hes now eating little and drinking lots...

I had thought I had prepared myself for this but gosh the endless tubes and drip lines was really overwhelming and you cant imagine him ever getting better from the complications.

The teams who work so hard around the clock are truly so underrated... We have a unique medical system which i hadn't quite appreciated until recently...


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I remember my own post transplant hallucinations very well. My son was hiding under my bed and no amount of explanation from the nurse helped. I was tripping out on the morphine.

I am sure that any issues will be sorted out shortly.

Best wishes


Glad he is doing better. Haha brought back some morphine memories.. I thought nurses were poisoning me and they were hacking my Facebook account to steal my identity. Strange things minds. He will recover slowly with their excellent care. Best wishes to youu both


Good luck for the future , may you both have a long happy future together......


Sending hugs and prayers.


I thought my cats were in the ward after my transplant and I was calling them to come over to me .


This brings back my memories thought we were in helicopter saving elephants!


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