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Hi all hope you are all hanging in there.

Hubby has had his transplant and is now in ICU. Operation went ok he had massive infection in pockets of ascetic fluid so it was a complex op. He's stable and still sedated for now.

Feel powerless as he looks so small attached to all these wires and tubes

Staff are lovely and explain everything for me.

Massive thank you do his fanstaic donor who selflessly have him such a wonderful gift. It's a long road to recovery but I'm so glad to be started on this road.

Sarah. Xx

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Sarah, Good Luck to you and you Husband. I hope he has a speedy recovery!! xx


Glad that for you both.

The hard part is over and now its just a slow and steady road to complete wellness.

The tubes and pipes will soon be out and consciousness will rapidly return. Before you know it, you'll be back on the ward.

Please make sure that you get some rest, he's had the easy bit as he slept through the whole thing. You probably didn't get much sleep and what you did was possibly not quality rest.

Keep us informed.


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Hi Sarah,

Thinking of you both and wishing hubby a speedy recovery,

Best wishes,

Team BLT

Hi Sarah. I was in your position last July & believe me when I say that the worst is now over. I was quite shocked & upset when I saw him with all the tubes. They won't be there for long & it's a wonderful feeling to get back the one you love. You must look after yourself now . You will find that sleeping is going to be much easier.xx

I wish you both all the very best. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

Whoopee, brilliant news. Every small step now is one going forward . Let yourself breathe and cry now. X X

Thinking of you both hope your hubby recovers quickly . Xxxx

Good news. Wishing hubby a speedy recovery and a happy new life xx

had my transplant 2 months ago... the tubes etc are all scary for those looking on but they do come out.

he will probably take a bit longer to get there if the op was more complicated but look after yourself he will need you most when he wakes up and at home.

best wishes cazer.xx

Thinking of you Sarah..hope all is well and gets better. Infection can be quite normal after tx. We're all here in spirit with you! Especially those of us who have had the procedure already!



Best of luck for speedy recovery

So pleased to hear Sarah; day at a time now 😊.great to hear of someone else given the new life .. such a wonderful gift to receive .Not had a transplant myself ( one day I will) but there are a few on here who have and I'm sure they will give you all the support you need. My best wishes to both of you 🍀xx

So pleased I found this site, am going for my TP assessment on wed/thurs this week and then ????????????? wait, hopefully I will be accepted as I think I've done all possible to prepare myself , eating , exercise, even my wife says she can see some muscle definition but not too much , I am simply trying to make the whole TP and recovery as successful as I can, all the rest well I'll just leave that to the experts, however now I can get my wife to read this and I am sure she will love "speaking " to everyone.

More to the point ! all my love and best wishes to Sarah, one day at a time

Hi Sarah, so pleased for you both, I had my transplant 6 weeks ago at QE and they are a fantastic bunch of people, I was so well looked after. My hubby was my rock, he never left my side but I know how difficult it was for him seeing me go through it all, I don't remember much at all. Take care of yourself and wishing your hubby a speedy recovery xx

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