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I would like to ask any who has had a liver Transplant and then gone on to go on holiday to a tropical climate where Malaria is a risk.

The reason I'm asking is that I had a transplant about 4 years ago, and have been a bit concerned about taking a holiday in a tropical climate, I have never been on one before and feel I need to start attacking my "bucket list" before it's to late! So if some has been to a place like this while taking Ciclosporin and CellCept I would love to hear from them.

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I have spent quite a bit of time in tropical climates, but before I knew I had PBC. We were advised to take Anti-Malaria medication so we did and can't say whether it made any difference to my liver function. I do know that I didn't notice any changes so would suggest you ask your Doc. what is suggested these days. Better to take the meds. and tick off your list than stay at home and wish!!


Thanks! I will check with the Doc's


The problem is that you can't take live vaccines, so yes check with your doc


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