Herbal remedies???

I am 56 with cirrhosis and have recently started to take milk thistle, tumeric and green tea supplements. I started about a week ago and for the past few days have been getting upper quadrant pain not too bad but it's there. It comes and goes and doesn't stay long but I have never had any pain before!. Also what are the first symptoms of ascites?, At present I have no distention to my abdomen but when I stand up sometimes I can hear and feel liquid moving. I am sorry if I sound like a hypochondriac but I am really starting to worry. Thanks for taking the time to read this

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  • Funny you should mention that actually. I also drink Green tea as well as Nettle, Dandilion, use Turmeric in many things and take Milk thistle daily. I also use cinnamon quite a bit. I have had a successful Liver Transplant nearly 8 years ago. Lately I have been having pain or it is really more discomfort (stabbing) in the upper abdomen. Yesterday I made a false movement and got terribel cramps in that area too. I have terrible eating disorders. Eating very little from Monday to Friday and "binge" eat filling the calories up a the weekends and bank holidays (like today) Then it is lots of chocs, cakes, crisps etc. Healthy food too of course. Just very curious like you whether the "nudges, pain or discomfort" are from the above products which are supposedly very healthy and recommendable. By the way I am 56 too. Since the OP I also suffer from Lymphodema in the legs. It has been extremely bad to the state that I had lymph drainage and had to wear support stockings. I take Furosemide everyday now. It still sometimes comes back but not the the extent it was a few years ago. You don't sound like a hypocondriac - but it could be that you, like me, do too much research in internet. Here there is sooooo much information and so many tips. Some things make you scared and others you want to follow. Or am I wrong. Years ago we only had the doctors. I think the internet is very handy - but the self diagnosis is going a bit to far. I am pointing to myself at this comment. I sometimes seem to think I know more that the doctors. I know it is wrong ! This was a bit painfully wrong but I hope I have made my point. Let us know how you get on. Perhaps these pains are side effects from the "beginning" of the therapy and you are somehow detoxing or whatever - if this is what happens. I think that is enough from me today. SORRY, I do go on. ALL THE BEST !!!



  • Thanks for your reply Louise and I think you are pretty close to the cause of these thoughts. Yes I have DEFINITELY been doing far too much internet research and I think that i will ease up on that score, and I will just keep my eye on the pain. Once again thank you for your time


  • BE careful taking supplements and ALWAYS run them past your Liver doctor, green tea in capsule form could actually irritate the Liver because alot of the capsules actually have alcohol in them. I have heard of a lady getting pretty serious Hepatitis from taking too many diet pills which had green tea extract as the main ingredients,green tea might hard for the Liver to process

    There is no miracle cure for Cirrhosis, the best you can do is to eat healthy and some light exercise

  • Thanks for your reply, I was aware of this problem with capsule form supplements but I specifically bought the more expensive ones that have no additives(guaranteed) or at least that's what it's saying. I am going to stop taking them to see if the pain persists. I have already quit smoking don't drink and am trying to sort my diet out which i am finding the hardest to do due to cooking for myself but I am trying. My only weakness is tea which I drink too much. Is caffeine bad for your liver?? Thanks again


  • Ian, the consultant at one hospital was fine with my supplements, in fact very interested in milkthistle, Then I changed hospitals, Second Doc told me that there was no evidence that milkthistle had any benefits! Third told me that good strong coffee was the latest thing thought to help protect the liver! We pays our money we makes our choice I guess, Personally ( and it is only my opinion ) I don,t think the supps would have effected you that Quick. Did you start taking them because you had a feeling your liver was grumbling? Amyway all the best, anne

  • Thanks for your reply Anne.No I had no pain whatsoever before I started taking the supplements and secondly I carefully read over all the literature regarding them and found that the product Tumeric capsules states that if any gastrointestinal discomfort is experienced then you should stop taking them!!. So in light of this I am going to stop taking the Tumeric and continue with the others to see if it helps. Thank you


  • Oh Post script. The liver nurse told me she.d had people in who had taken Chinese herbs and been dead 48hrs later !

  • Our son was told by transplant coordinators and liver specialists not to take milk thistle or any herbal remedies as they may have ingredients that are not conducive with medication and condition relating to cerosis and livers..

    Recomend you Keep away from them

  • How are you and your son getting on now? Xx

  • Hi, there was a huge debate about suppliments on here about 6 weeks ago with various opinions. You may want to find the posts. I ave cirhossis and tend to stay away from alternative remedies but that's just me.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for your reply Julie and I will try and find them in among the posts. Cheers


  • Hello, my husband takes milk thistle, hes doing fine, the nutricionist give him natural garlic pills and other herbs, hes feeling well, i dont know about the ascites, sometimes i think he has it but we are not sure because he only takes homeopathy , i worry tha he might have other issues and we don ' t know. Lots of fruits and fresh vegetables, hope You get rid of that pain soon!

    : )

  • Thanks for your reply and I read that the Tumeric can cause gastrointestinal discomfort so I have stopped taking them now and the ache seems to have eased up almost immediately


  • After reading your post i now have my doubts about de milk thistle.......best wishes!

  • Throw all that crap away. The tumeric isn't even getting absorbed unless it's a certain form and taking with fats and bioperine and still must be in decent dosages to get the benefits. The rest won't do anything for your liver. Green tea may hurt it. Research it. Jesus Christ you got cirrhosis. Stop all that crap.

  • Yeah I know that now, all they did was give me an ache in my liver. I have threw them out and just take a clove of natural garlic every other day now and the ache has almost gone. Thanks for your reply


  • Dear all,

    The British Liver Trust does not recommend the use of homeopathic or herbal remedies for those with any liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and lead to severe illness.

    More research needs to be done on the use and safety of such remedies and therapies.

    If you have concerns about any prescribed medication or are considering using complementary or alternative remedies &/or therapies always discuss this with your doctor.

    For more information please see this link to our website;


    Best Wishes,


  • I am 55 also taking milk thistle turmeric and green tea tablets and livercare tablets my alt and ast levels came down in normal range i also lost 12 lbs you will be good keep doing what you are doing ok

  • Hi Dave ,Thanks for your reply. Well it seems to me that it's the same old problem of some people saying yes and some people saying no. It sure is a subject that causes a split verdict. Cheers

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