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Back into the Running Shoes

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 UpTheStanley and I spent a wonderful week skiing in Austria, at the beginning of the month.  A bit last minute - booked on Thursday morning and off to the airport at crack sparrow on Saturday morning!  The first flight and the first ski trip since 2020.  It was so good to be back to normality again.

I had a gentle fall on the penultimate day and didn’t really think much about it apart from a slight niggle on the outside of my left knee.    I suspected I had tweeked the ligament that I damaged in 2020 (also skiing) but it didn’t bother me much.

I went out for a 6k run on the following Monday and although it wasn’t acute pain, I knew it was there, so I put my sensible head on and rested and iced it, even giving up parkrun last Saturday. I put my name down for a cancellation appointment with my physio and fortunately I managed to get to see him on Tuesday.  He confirmed that I had slightly strained my Lateral Collateral Ligament, but I had done all the right things since.  It was still strong and my knee was stable and he said I could still run.  Whoopee 🥳.  I had about 30 minutes of massage of the ligament and then ultrasound treatment.  It was a bit painful after all that but the next day it felt so much better.  £55 was well spent to get the reassurance that it’s OK to carry on running and to run the 10k race I’d entered on 2nd April.  

So today I went out between the rain showers for a 4k run with the wind gusting to 35 mph.  I started very gingerly at 8.30 pace and was pleased that the niggle was no worse than when walking.   I ran around Canoe Lake where the water was spraying across the path, and then through the Rose Garden which was nice and sheltered.  Then I headed onto the prom where I ran with the wind behind me.  Runners waved with that “we are all in this together look”.  Then I ducked round the back of the pitch and putt course and through the residential streets back home.  I was pleased to see negative splits on Garmin when I got back.  But I was even more pleased that all had gone well and although I may not be able to aim for a 10k PB at the Monsal Trail, I will be able to take part as planned. Our race numbers arrived today so there’s lots of excitement about.  🦋🦋🦋

Confession:  I then headed out for a girly afternoon tea with pink bubbles with  Oldgirlruns and  Coddfish !  🥂  🥪 🍰 🧁  Another run now needed to use up the calories!

35 Replies
WillowandSola profile image

That must be a relief knowing you can get out and run and the 10k is going to go ahead.

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to WillowandSola

It is indeed W&S

Oldfloss profile image

What a super post to read and what good news!

The run sounds to have been not only a relief and welcome but a beautiful one also. Sunshine, sparkle and friendship too!

Maybe that PB will happen, maybe not, but the whole day will be absolutely wonderful... well done you ! x

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

We are looking forward to beautiful countryside and a long awaited runny buddy meet up.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dexy5

Goodness , exciting or what!

Mudita11 profile image

Glad the knee niggle is nothing serious. Sounds like a lovely run and a lovely day all round 👌🏻

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Mudita11

Thanks Mudita. All is well.

Shake-and-run profile image

good news Dexy, so now you have no excuse to get out and run, and no excuse to eat and drink treats as you will soon run off the calories. Win win!

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Shake-and-run

Yes I don’t think tapering next week will be needed given the lack of running recently

cheekychipmunks profile image

Such a relief Dexy ❤️

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

It is. It will be good to see you out running again soon cheeky after that awful chest cold. Just take it easy

cheekychipmunks profile image
cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Tomorrow’s the day! 🤸‍♀️😳

JonathanP profile image

It's great when our experience enables us to self-diagnose potential problems and do the right things to stop them getting any worse!

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to JonathanP

Yes, and so great that the physio had a spare slot at just the right time JP. I will wear a knee tube tomorrow and see how that works too.

JonathanP profile image
JonathanPGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

👍 It certainly helped the twinges in my knee.

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to JonathanP


Beachcomber66 profile image

Great news Dexy5. Where would be without our physios? Permanently IC in my case! That judgement which informs the “I need to see a physio” decision develops with experience; you made the right call and the reward, being able to continue running, is richly deserved.

I read an article by Eilish McColgan the other day on the subject of staying fit. She suggests 15 minutes of roller work every day; so that is part of my latest not terribly cunning plan! 🙂

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

My physio is great BC. He treats the ineos cyclists and Ben Ainslie’s crew regularly so I always feel I am lucky to get in.

Wow! Is that the big foam roller you use or the stick of torture that I should use on my calves more than I do?

Beachcomber66 profile image
Beachcomber66Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

They should be honoured to share the same physio as you!!

I have both a big roller, which I am now using daily, and the stick of torture which is reserved for knots the big roller doesn’t reach. As part of this makeover the nice practice nurse has given me a stronger inhaler following my virus problems. I used it on Wednesday for the first time. My peak flow is now maintained at a high level and my chest has never been so clear. So here’s hoping!

Molly met her “nephew”, our son’s young beardie, for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I have a clip of them playing, but I can’t post it for some reason. Anyway….some proof that there is life in old dogs!

Two dog friends
Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Oh aren’t they just gorgeous?

That’s good news about inhaler. Keep up the good work.

Sandie1961 profile image
Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Gorgeous 😍😍

Frenc profile image

So pleased your knee isn’t too bad, and well done for doing all the right things! That sounds like a good if windy run, and bubbles after - what’s not to love. I like the photo of Kermit 🐸!

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Frenc

I had a big grin on my face when putting on my shoes too. 🐸

Oldgirlruns profile image

No confession needed Dexy - I’m not going to! We all ran so we all deserved it😳!

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Oldgirlruns

Yep, we can say the same at post parkrun breakfast tomorrow. 😋

Sandraj39 profile image

Well apart from the knee injury, you sound like you’ve been having a great time Dexy!! Hope that knee continues to behave so that you can enjoy your upcoming 10k.

Oh, and you have used my favourite running pic too!😂🐸

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

I poached it from someone - was it you by any chance? 😂😂

Sandraj39 profile image
Sandraj39Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

It was - it’s a good’un!🙂👍

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

it is and it was so appropriate for this post!

Sandie1961 profile image

So pleased to hear that your knee is only a minor niggle. Enjoy the Monsal Trail. It’s a fabulous route 😃

Mummycav profile image

just love this 💖💖💖💖

RunBrianRun profile image

Phew that was a close call Dexy. I was dreading reading on in case it did get worse after your final run. Good luck at the Monsal Trail run. 👍

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to RunBrianRun

Sorry to keep you in suspense Brian. 😂

MissUnderstanding profile image

So many lovely things in your post. That girly catch up sounds like heaven! So glad your knee is ok for your race too. Lovely to have you back again and love your picture too!!

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to MissUnderstanding

Thank you MissU. I think photo credit should go to Sandraj39 . I couldn’t resist saving it from a previous post - no shame

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