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A gentle dawn maintenance run

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I couldn't sleep beyond 4.30am, so got up and headed off for a run at 5.30. I adore being out just after first light.

Again, just a maintenance run for me. No pressure, no tracking. It's a very freeing experience. I feel like I'm more in tune with how I run this way. Started off super slow and felt my pace quicken after 10 minutes, so the whole run was done by feel.

A goods train rumbled and creaked by on the other side of the canal, which was very atmospheric.

Through the trees up the long incline towards the field, where I made my way up the hill to where I took this photo. I felt like doing a little dance at the top, but two people were standing admiring the sunrise, so I just said hello.

On the way back a man on his way to work made way for me and I thanked him and as I was on another incline I said 'this is a bit tough'. He replied 'is it worth it' and of course I said emphatically and with my whole heart 'oh yes!'. It was nice to have that little interaction. I am very happy with that lovely gentle run. I put a bit of a spurt on right at the end down the boring road.

Plenty of time to get to campus to start work. My close colleague retired yesterday, so this run helped me process this and the fact that I'm not far behind!

A beautiful day - enjoy whatever you are doing today folks.

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Well done !Sounds like an absolutely delightful run ,

No pressure , no numbers and just a run for pure enjoyment

And what a great picture !

That will set you up nicely for the rest of the day 😁👍

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RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to Instructor57

It will! I'm posting most times I run to keep up my motivation!

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Instructor57Administrator in reply to Roxdog

Yes, it helps !I'll be out in about an hour 👍

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RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to Instructor57


Lovely post and good to hear that you got out early. I’m working away at another university for much of this week, where it’s horribly hilly and difficult to find a run route. Hoping to pick up a run on Friday once I’m back home.

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RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to Oldlady64

Oh yes, don't put pressure on yourself to run in a new area with brutal hills! There are a lot of University staff on the forum!

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Beautiful. and what s start to your day.Well on the way to accepting the new chapter in your life that is about to open, and seeing the beauty that you will have a little more time to soak up.

What a glorious photograph!

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Well done Roxdog, we must be in sync today, I was pretty much awake then too. It is nice to have that interaction isn’t it, sort of perks us up. A lovely run for you today! Enjoy work, not long until you’ll have lots of time to run and explore at your leisure 😊.

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What a beautiful post! I'm not surprised you felt like doing a little dance when you saw that glorious sunrise, wow 🥰 It sounds like this strategy to just go for a run, no tracking, no pressure, is working so well for you. Time for reflection and beautiful sunrises, who could ask for anything more 👍

Simply beautiful. Good for you Roxdog. So pleased you enjoyed it. It sounds just perfect.

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What an absolutely gorgeous photo! No wonder you love getting up early to see that 😍

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What a stunning photo 😍 At first I thought the white on the trees was frost and then realized it was blossom .. lovely.And what a great run with some positive interactions

I'm with you on being out first thing although I did too much dithering this morning.

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RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to dijep

If the trees weren't there, I would be able to see across to East London! Proves I ran up a hill!

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nowsterGraduate10 in reply to Roxdog

♫ Oh it really is a werry pretty garden

And Chingford to the Eastward could be seen

Wiv a ladder and some glasses

You could see the 'Ackney Marshes

If it wasn't for the 'ouses in between. ♫



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RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to nowster


lovely post, roxdog...sounds like a beautiful run that did your mind, body and spirit some good. enjoy the rest of your day. thanks for posting.

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