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Physio question

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I did my first Park Run on 7th August, very stupidly ignoring a twinge in my ankle after my run on the previous Thursday. Long story short, I'd pulled a ligament and could only hobble as a result.

I called my GP after a couple of weeks and was referred to an NHS physio appointment this Thursday. At that point it wasn't getting better or worse and I was getting really frustrated. It's one thing to know you've got to rest for a few weeks but quite another to be unable to do the things you took for granted.

Thankfully it's now a lot better. I still get the odd ache but can walk normally. I'm intending to go to the physio with a view to getting advice on (a) how long I have to leave it before I run again (b) what can I do to prevent future injuries like this and (c) some exercises to speed up what remains of the healing process.

Is this reasonable? Is there anything else I need to think about? I'm going to get new trainers before I run again as I am pretty sure the old ones are wearing out and the lack of support caused the initial injury.

Any suggestions for additional questions for the physio would be welcome.

(I still can't believe I got an NHS referral this quickly :) )

12 Replies
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If the park run is 7th September then you can avoid the injury by not going 🤣(Sorry, couldn't resist... I'm sure you meant August!)Its good that you have the physio appointment !

And I think all reasonable questions to ask !

As far as running shoes are concerned you would be better to have a gait analysis done at a dedicated running shop and take their advice .

Other peoples recommendations could be completely unsuitable for you !

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YesletsgoGraduate10 in reply to Instructor57

And there I was thinking I’d proofread this...shoulda had another coffee (as I can’t go out for a run 😡)Of course it was 7th August so in the absence of a time machine can’t change that!

I’m going to get a gait analysis, I intend to be very careful in future. I’ve had the wake up call that I’m not invulnerable. The suggestions I’m after are for other things to talk to the physio about. A bit of editing is needed.

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Instructor57Administrator in reply to Yesletsgo

Are you doing the pre run 'Dynamic' excercises ?

And then the Post run stretches ? and holding them long enough!

Perhaps the physio could advise on this ?

Good luck 👍

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YesletsgoGraduate10 in reply to Instructor57

Good point, yes I do the stretches but I’ll ask the physio if there are any more/better I can do

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Can I move near you! A NHS physio appointment is impossible near me. I overdid it on my 5th 10K and my paid for physio recommnded I stick at 5K. Early July in the hot weather I got a twinge in the calf. 2 weeks later I got another and now cant walk without pain. Looks like another £100 or so at the physio. I suspect it may be a hydration problem after reading some stuff earlier this week so I am going to drink more but at 68 I am running out of time!!!

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YesletsgoGraduate10 in reply to Grumpypete

I was fully prepared to go private but the GP said they have an in-house physio who can also refer on for MRIs, other scans, treatments etc. This sounded a much better option, particularly as the (private) physio I used before seems to have retired.I live in an isolated small town nearly an hour from the nearest A&E so my guess is that someone has decided we need a local physio to help the huge number of sprightly older people who live here get healthy and avoid the need for treatment in the future.

At a mere 63 I don’t include myself in that gang. I’m talking 80+ year olds who seem to have the greatest social life of any age group and the 70+ year old lady who runs past me like I’m standing still when I’m out running. You’ve got a long way to go 😁

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Sorry to hear about your niggles.

I've just had 2 weeks of not running because of an issue with my left leg that I just can't shake.

I've not even considered seeing a GP for NHS Physio, just booked privately. Tonight will be my second session with her but at £33 a time it will likely be my last 🤣

Hope your issues are resolved pretty fast. My marathon training has completely gone up the poop because of it and Sundays Half Marathon goal has now changed from attempting a PB to just getting around before everyone packs up and goes home. Which completely sucks. Hope you don't suffer the same feight.

Someone has suggested to me that after my marathon in October, that I take a big chunk of time off running then go right back to basics and start the C25k again. Maybe my body is built for improving my Parkrun speed than my longer distances. 🤷‍♂️

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YesletsgoGraduate10 in reply to Bike_and_Run

It never occurred to me that NHS would even be an option! (I actually feel a bit guilty).Sorry about your Half Marathon plans, that's real bad timing. Make sure you don't get carried away on the day and make things worse! Good luck 🤞

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Yes it's absolutely reasonable! I would write down a list of questions you want to ask. It will save the NHS in the longterm because you will be a better informed, healthier runner.

I paid for a physio appointment last week because I've been struggling with a hip injury for 7 weeks. Although I didn't get the answer I wanted to hear regarding a time frame, I am now able to help my own recovery with more confidence, and she gave me so much wonderful preventative advice.

Good luck x

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Have a look at the wear pattern on the soles of your old shoes. It’ll give some idea of how you run. I see mine show I probably tend to supinate if anything; and I have particularly stiff ankles I was told by a physio once. She advised yoga and then the yoga teacher always told me off for running! lol.

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Thanks. I'll probably wear my trainers to the appointment as it'll be easier than carrying them! They seem to be wearing reasonably evenly. I've never had ankle problems before, well, not since the days I'd wear 6" platforms and accept that falling off them was an everyday hazard but those days are long gone 😂

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