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🎶Singing in the rain 🎶😁


Not quite but very nearly.... I did sing along to a couple of bits before I realised I was doing it out loud and stopped. My lovely dr, who is also a runner so very understanding, said “ 2 weeks? Who told you that? If you are feeling good after 3or 4 days you can do a cheeky little 3k and see how it goes”. So this morning, after waking lying on my left side and realising my hip wasn’t hurting and my leg wasn’t numb, I thought “ go on then!! I will!!”. And even the gentle mizzle when I looked out didn’t put me off.

Put my running gear on, trail shoes in case it was slippery ( it was!!), ate my banana, buff round head to protect my headphones and off I went. I’ve had 4 good nights sleep this week ( thanks Nytol), hydrated well and, apart from a slight sinus headache, I felt really good this morning. No niggly ankle, no hip pain.... so I determined to just do a gentle 30 minutes today even though part of me wanted to do a (not)parkrun. And I stuck to it.

The gentle mizzle developed into a proper downpour as I carried on, which was quite fun really, although I was being very careful not to slip on all the wet leaves and debris that we alway accumulate once the visitors arrive.. all the MacDonalds wrappers 2 yards from a bin....etc.

The last thing I wanted was to slip and injure something else.

I just ran round the outskirts of the town and back along the riverside to Rock Park and then around the big loop of the Park and home. 30 mins and 3.6k ( alright it was a bit more than 3k Dr Smit but I couldn’t do less than30 mins could I?). Home now and everything is in the washing machine, I’m stretched, showered, dried, dressed , fed and watered and feeling great. I’m not being too optimistic AND I’m not going to push it too much too soon, but maybe ... just maybe I’m getting past this hip issue now 🤞

Now just need to shift this damn headache !!!

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So great to hear that you're back out so soon. Sounds like you really enjoyed it despite the rain!

Btw I must have missed some of your posts - how's Loki? Is he out of the cone now?

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Fionamags

Oh yes, he’s back to being antisocial most of the time again. 🤣 when he couldn’t go out he was desperate to, now he hardly goes out. But he is much more loving to us and demands more lap time. He used to just lie on one of the beds and sleep most of the time and grumble at the three girls but he’s now trying to be a bit friendlier with them( I think he lost his place in the group and is trying to fit back in).

Where it was alway him and Mimi ( big sis) against the 2 young black ones.. now Mimi and Luna ( my part Maine Coone ) seem to have paired up and there is a lot of head booping and smarminess round each other with those 2. They also wash each other’s heads as a greeting and it was always Mimi washing HIS head - I think he missed that now. Little Roma is still the loner spending most of her time hunting up the allotments or sleeping in the greenhouse !!!! It’s been over 30 degrees in there most days but she loves it.

His foot is healed really well, and he doesn’t limp at all. The fur is growing back and although I think he lost a claw in the middle, you’d not know anything had happened to it now. He was very lucky!!! At one point we thought he might lose either his leg or his life!!! 😭

Still have absolutely no idea what it was he stepped in but about 3 weeks after he’d done it someone handed in a 6 month old kitten to the Animal Ambulance people and he had the same sort of injuries all up his back legs and his tummy. Somebody has obviously left something outside somewhere that they shouldn’t have.

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to limberlou

Good to hear he's all healed up. Funny that the dynamics have changed among the group though. Was trying to think what a group of cats are - a herd????

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Fionamags

A clowder of cats .. and I have no idea why..


All sounds very promising limberlou. Great run and I hope you get rid of your headache. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Buddy34

Yeah me too


This is a lovely post and tentatively sounds so positive. I really hope it's the start of your recovery journey back as you can hear your joy through the post.

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Hidden

Me too 🤞


Love this limberlou, especially your take on that post run delight ‘stretched, showed, dried, dressed, fed and watered, feeling great’ Such a good feeling. So glad to hear you are on the mend.

Hope the headache eases soon 🤗

limberlouAmbassador in reply to jorgeRuns

It is going ..slowly


Well done! Glad your hip is improving!

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Roxdog

Thanks. 2 nights sleeping On that side now with no pain. 😁another little trot tomorrow I think 💪🏃‍♀️

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