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Reluctant recovery run


I will be honest, I did not want to go out tonight. It was (and still is) cold, wet, windy and utterly miserable outdoors and, to top it all, my legs were still protesting a bit after Monday night's exertions.

I was, however, still a little short of the distance target I set myself for this month, and as awful as the weather is this evening, it's forecast to be worse tomorrow and Friday, so I decided to just be brave, and head out.

40 minutes and just shy of 6k later, I returned home, soaked to the skin, looking thoroughly bedraggled, but with a sense of achievement that comes of ticking off another goal as completed. Weather permitting, I may manage one more run between now and the end of the month, but having got my 120k for January under my belt, I won't be too disappointed if the weather encourages me to take an extra rest day or two before I start my assault on February...

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Great stuff. 120K in one of the worst months of the year! 👍 Feb is usually colder down south, hope it's not too bad up there.


I'm with you on the weather its rubbish and though its weather for staying in you still went. You're really building up the distance runs and it's quite inspiring .😊

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Thanks, although I notice you misspelled "certifiable"... 🙃


Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to sTrongFuse



Congratulations on running in such bad weather, 120k is excellent, what is not excellent is the long term weather forecast up to the end of February, the weather they say will be much the same as we have been having in January with only brief dry spells. 😂

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Let's be honest, none of us live in Scotland for the weather, especially at this time of year...

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to sTrongFuse

☔ Rain ☔ rain and more rain ☔ 💦🌧️🏃🏾

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Only when it isn't snowing...

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to sTrongFuse


Excellent!! 🎈Wow that’s encouraging to those of us feeling like hibernating but know we should be out there🙈

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to Annieapple

Next week we should see a more settled cold spell, but it probably won't last all that long.

Annieapple in reply to AlMorr

I don’t mind the cold, snow or rain but when those winds blow hard I find it very difficult & have to fight off the duvet demons!


Well done for getting out there in the rain - these are the runs that make us!!!💪👏🙂


Well done SF and 120K... WOW! Do you have a target mileage for the year?

I sent my 2020 goal to achieve 366 miles this year which is a mile a day pretty much, so far so good!

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Not really. I aim for around 100k each month. My previous best was 108k so I wanted to beat that, and at the end of last week, I realised if I stretched just a bit more than my weekly average, I could get to 120 this month, so just decided to go for it. Technically I still have a run to spare, but having gone HM distance on Monday, I think I've earned the right to skip that one.

Really well done. Congratulations on hitting that goal. Very impressed.

You deserve an extra rest day for that!

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to RunningMigster

I deserve to be institutionalised I think, but thank you...


Fantastic effort, what a distance. I'm only aiming for 66k a month so inspired by you hitting twice that - nearly.


Well done and that’s great mileage for the month too....

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

It took me until May to get to that distance last year...

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