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1st park run completed!


Well after finishing C25k and trying to consolidate my 5k runs, i have finally completed my first park run! Found it much harder then path/road running, with difficult wet terrain and more hills then i normally run. Poor time at 37 mins but i did it and loved the friendly community spirit! Definitely will be doing more x

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Congratulations on your first parkrun. Your Saturdays may change forever. Check out other local runs and you may find one with tarmac paths. If not you may wish to buy yourself some trail shoes - any excuse for more shoes.

Keswickfan in reply to Dexy5

Good advice re trail shoes, thanks x


Poor time my 🍑! Well done taking on the hills, wet stuff and a big group run. 37 is a very good first parkrun time.

Thank you


That is a reasonable time Keswickfan, here on C25K we have a regular runner who also runs at Keswick Parkrun on a Saturday morning, he goes by the name "Theoldfellow", it's not long until he will be running his 50th parkrun.

Keswickfan in reply to AlMorr

Thanks re time. Wow 50 is amazing! I don’t actually run in Keswick, i just love the place and hope to live there one day. My local park run is Pennington Flash at Leigh - any other leigh runners on here?


37 minutes sounds pretty damn good for a hilly 5K, glad you enjoyed it 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️😊

Keswickfan in reply to Run46

Thank you


37 minutes for parkrun is definitely not a poor time . Far from it you are out and running and should be so proud whatever the time. Well done you 😊😊

Keswickfan in reply to Buddy34

Thanks x


That's fabulous! Congratulations. You made me snort into my wine when I read that this was slow. I have just done a great long post about how delighted I was to run 5k in just under 39 minutes! In my world that is a time to dream of!

Aw thanks Gwenllian1 - sorry didn’t mean ti waste any wine!😂cheers🍷x


Congratulations on your first parkrun and 37 mins is a respectable time for your first go! Today was wet, windy and muddy (down south anyway) so it was quite challenging and that's after 4 months of parkrunning!

I hope you will return to parkrun again, you will meet loads of lovely people through parkrun, it might not seem like it now but they just become friends and happy faces every Saturday morning.

Keswickfan in reply to JaoJao

Thanks Jaojao, definitely going to do it again x


Congratulations and very well done on your first parkrun. I just love reading posts about first parkruns. You did great, and well done with your finish time management, you now have a nice finish time to chase a PB for next weekend, well planned😀.


Keswickfan in reply to damienair

Thank you x


Glad you enjoyed it Keswickfan. Warning - parkruns are addictive!👍😀

Keswickfan in reply to JonathanP

Cheers Jonathan

Great to see you did your first park run. Well done! I got up this morning after a very busy Saturday in work and really not wanting to go for a run as I still felt tired. When I switched my computer on at 8.06 this morning a little pop up declaring your completed first park run "Popped up" and you know what by 8.20 I was kitted out and running. So thank you for that! Funnily enough I never usually have to check my computer so early but I am really glad I did today you really motivated me to get out there.

I am assuming you live in Keswick or are you just a "Fan" My family love the lakes especially the Kendal Mountain Festival which is every November and we have attended for the last 10 years. (Throughly recommend it!)

Any how if you do live in Keswick..Luckey you...Great place to run!

Hi Jetsetwilly! Glad i helped motivate your run today. I don't actually live in Keswick, some day i hope i will, but for the moment i am just a regular visitor. Well done on getting up to run and thanks for your kind comments

Slightly off topic but you should definately go to the Kendal Mountai Festival (They also stage a 10k trail run which is very popular!) Thanks for the motivation!



Well done, and the 37 minutes is a dream PB for some. Not slow at all. I live 91 miles away from Leigh, can't join you. 😭

Shame about that Elisabeth3, thanks for your comments re time, as a newbie to running I don’t have much understanding of what a decent time is.

Elisabeth3Graduate10 in reply to Keswickfan

If you go to the website of your local parkrun, as you scroll down, at the bottom of the page there are some statistics of that particular parkrun. Among other figures, there is an average time.

At our parkrun it is 29+ (or 30+?) minutes. Needless to say, I am not near that average.

If you can improve your pace, you will beat that 37 in no time.

I could judge my pace quite good for the first time, already, so I had not experienced a massive improvement but I think most people do. However, I got less slow recently. 🏃

Good advice, thank you

That's not a bad time at all, I've done a few parkruns now and my best time is 38.24 - so well done you😃

Thank you


Congratulations! Like many others now you have done your 1st Park Run you will become addicted!

Keswickfan in reply to Chris141

Cheers Chris141


My first parkrun was 43 minutes and I was proud of that ! Who says 37 is "poor"? No one.... . Be proud.

Thanks so much

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