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Runiversary and stamina podcast!😁

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So tomorrow is my runiversary, but l won't be able to run due to work. Had a great run today. Decided to try the stamina podcast with Laura. I have not tried any of them before. It wasn't easy to run at the slow temp, but it did mean that l could speed up for the last 10 minutes. I usually start out too fast and get slower and slower. I highly recommend to everyone. I will be trying the speed one next.

Happy running everyone. 😁😁😁

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I like the speed and stamina podcast - they really helped me improve my pace - though I still tend to go off faster than I can sustain in the beginning πŸ˜‚.


Happy runniversary Abaggs! And pleased you had a great run yesterday!

I haven’t tried the stamina podcast, but have been doing the Speed one (intervals) regularly, which has really helped my pace.

I also aim for negative splits on my other runs (starting slow, then gradually speeding up) as it makes sense from an injury prevention perspective i.e not bringing in speed until you are nicely warmed up. It’s hard though, trying to not bolt the first km!

Happy running to you!

Sadie-runs x


Happy Runiversary Abaggs! Well done for sticking with it.

Keep up the good work ... happy running!


Congratulations on you runniversary Abaggs...I love the podcasts...I incorporated the speed one in my run today...Laura seems to calm my run right down and make me run better...sometimes when I'm flagging I stick Laura on and it works...good luck Next run x


Many congratulations on your runniversary today Abaggs πŸ˜€


belated congrats on you runniversary!!

I've tried the speed podcast, but couldn't get away with it. Gonna give another try ]

Happy running

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