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Good old stamina podcast


Given I had success with the speed podcast yesterday, I thought I'd try the stamina podcast for my 10k run tonight. I enjoyed the first 30 mins of the england game but sadly it felt a bit familiar in the second half so went out for my run so I could get back before headtorch o'clock. Still gutted at the result and got updates on my watch as I ran. Footie aside it was a beautiful and cooler evening to run into, and I was focusing on my form again with laura. I made a real effort to drive my arms forward and parallel to the ground, they often come up as if i'm playing drums to some 80's rock track. This seemed to help me make better forward progress, and the good old 1,2,3,4 mantra kept the cadence quicker.

I often breathe on three and i think this leads me to have a far too slow cadence ie 150-155 so I really need to up this.

Once the podcast ended at 35 mins, I just kept going at 165bpm and that felt fine. I think running to a constant bpm really helped me keep the pace far more constant than my random and eclectic music playlist seems to provide.

Anyways a good run, albeit a shame to walk in the door to such an unlucky result.

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I was just checking out how steady you managed to keep your pace, now I know how! Mine looks like sheet music for a thriller!

Well Done on the PB's! 😊

pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Sutsha

Thankyou Sutsha. I keep trying 😇🤔


Cracking result Pink...I mean yours of course😉 Well done..56 mins!😊x

I quite often run to the stamina one but when it gets near the end of the last 5 min run I whip my phone out and push the slider back on the podcast so it replays from just after the warmup. I know it’s a bit boring running to the same stuff twice but I like those tracks anyway.

I’ve just realised I have all this time sat with my foot up I can finally make myself some running playlists...... bet it gets to October and I still haven’t though..☹️🙄

But that podcast music though... 😖

Do you use Spotify at all? I found their bpm playlist maker thing surprisingly decent.

pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Sqkr

I have always used my ipod nano for tunes and never took a phone until recently. Now I take a phone I could well use it for tunes but good old apple lock in has all my tunes. I will investigate the spotify idea, though i'm kind of of the pre-streaming generation hehe :)

Brillant Mike.💥🏃‍♂️

Stamina.hehe.Only playlist I have.repeat , repeat, You’ve got that feeling.💥🏃‍♂️💥🙈😂


And you said I was quick, that's a bloody good time for 10K!

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