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Keeping Busy and Hoping for the Best.

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I am a further week through this non running period.Hoping for more repair by the 28/02/19 and when I revisit the physio.

I think I may have to commence from one minute walk, one minute run.But it will be a huge relief if I can even build up again from there.Weird stuff when you lose your foundation, hip pain etc.

I feel I have worked so hard to achieve the little gains I have made.But really hope my running is not going to end here.

I have been finding some comfort from reading Fast 800.This is the finest piece of work I have read in sometime.This approved and endorsed piece work by our NHS and written by Michael Mosley is just a gift.Here is the latest tried and tested research by world leading authorities and presented in such a simple, considerate, non technical way to allow anyone to take from it what they need.It is worth a read whether you intend to lose weight or otherwise.

Now that I have read the book I am very surprised by the comments read in other references to it.

I have been very busy with setting up and hopefully growing our independent green gym group.

We are 9 weeks along the independence path,have issued our exercise inventory and guide lines to formulate exercise sessions, who we are and how we operate, a group plan including the intended formation of a C25k sub group.It’s busy.

My ankle is frustrating however, because I am curtailed from my own personal enjoyment and programme but also being able to lead the green gym group from the front.

Hopefully a few more weeks will give me a clearer picture.

All is not lost as HIIT on a static bike and Fast 800 can open other doors if my running journey must end.The Fast 800 even addresses arthritic conditions and so, so much more.Unbelievable research and connecting benefits.

I have read so many gifts on HealthUnlocked and this latest piece of work Fast 800 is right alongside it.


18 Replies
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Oh Tbae, I commend your attitude so much, and really hope this is not the end of your running career.

Resting up and following the medical advice you have been given to the letter is exactly the right thing to do, but I see how frustrating this must be...

Green gym is obviously successful and you are partly responsible for this I'm sure. You are supportive and enthusiastic about all health and fitness issues and it shows.

Keep posting and sharing on Strava, we all really want to see you back in your running shoes as soon as you are able.

Building back up from one minute run/walk is sensible and many forum members have done just that.

Wishing you lots of luck with your injury,

I hope it settles down again for you.😊xxx

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Tbae in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Hi Jan,

Thank you so much for your kind words.❤️

I have lost track of how you and others are doing with the winter speed challenge, but will get over to marathon and find out.


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Every best wishes to you t. I hope you will soon be back at the front if the pack my friend. 🙂

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Tbae in reply to Irish-John

Hi John,

Hope you are better.

Thank you my friend and if I needed inspiritation I need look no further on how to make a comeback.

I had forgotten about your inspiritational story and stories John.

Look after yourself , the Giants Causeway seems a long time in the future but it will get done.


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Irish-JohnGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Hang in there, I'm going to buy you in particular a large whisky at Bushmills next year :)

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Tbae in reply to Irish-John


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sounds like you are doing the right things. Green Gym sounds great!

keep following the advice and hopefully you will be up and 'running' again really soon

i hope so

take care

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Tbae in reply to Deals1

Hi Deals,

Thank you so much for kind words,

Really appreciated.

Hope all good with you.


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Good luck to you Tbae, you are doing the sensible thing by just taking things easy, hopefully, you will get back to running once everything heals up, some who have had been off running for a long time rerun the whole of the C25K program.

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Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your support and kind words.

Hope you are all good and if I have to repeat C25k, that’s what I am going to do.


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AlMorrAmbassador in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, I am feeling all good, I have just returned from a 7 km walk near Mugdock, Milngavie, way back in the 1950's there was a small zoo, now long gone, it is now Mugdock Country Park.

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Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Hi Alan,

That made me laugh, the zoo.

As a young highland boy on a trip to the Milngavie Zoo and chimp got a hold of my hair, too close to the bars,never been right since.


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Hiya Tbae I love that you always find the positives and what an inspiration you continue to be for us all. You’re right all is not lost you’ve already got HIIT, bike, fast and 800 all in one sentence! Keep the faith because we will in you and remember Injury makes the comeback sweeter.

Heal well 🦉 👊🏻

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Hi Lexi,

Keep the faith and the sweetness of comeback.Just love that Lexi❤️

Magic words by a magic person

on a magic forum.

Hope you are good and grandaughter and all.


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lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

Thank you so much Tbae, yes I’m feeling a lot happier now. The granddaughter is holding her own, she gets very tired, but too much too soon I think. Michael Mosley was in NZ last month, might have a look at his book when I’m next in the bookshop. It takes so much longer browsing there these days, this magic forum as you quite rightly call it, has certainly opened the mind. 🤓

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Hi Jan, John,Deals, Alan and Lexi,

Your response is so sincerely appreciated.

Your responses have given me a renewed determination and I thank you.You have made me take stock and appreciate this magic forum.

I implore anyone on this forum to read Fast 800.Not for weight loss reasons.

The very act of fasting has so many benefits, combating dementia, diabetes, arthritis,asthma,complimentary with chemotherapy and so much more.

I am not a medic, just someone with an open mind and ready to do battle with Father Time. Presented in this little paperback, Fast800, is the state of the art, cutting edge research and put in lay everyday understandable language.I am simply looking for some tools of hope.

This is a gift, not just about losing weight, but understanding how we can take care of ourselves and how to do it.

Thank you for enabling me to give myself a kick and crack on.


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Hi tbae, what a wonderful idea the green gym is, sounds like it's keeping you too busy to brood on the state of your ankle for long. I hated being on the couch because I had only just discovered how to be a runner, but now I'm getting out there slowly and sensibly. Hopefully you will be able to do the same.

I really sat up at the mention of Michaels Mosley's book and arthritis, because I'm getting the first signs now, so I'm off to look at that. Thank you for your inspiring and thought-provoking posts🌱🌳 to help your green gym along 😊

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Thanks GOG, I too am a very new and novice runner.So lots to learn.

Yes do get the book.The act of fasting, and there are options to tailor to each individual in the book, it triggers repair mechanisms in our amazing bodies..

You could also visit

Take good care of you and thank you


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