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On My Way Looking for the Answers.

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I must have consolidated for 3 months before becoming a panther cub.

So I had already done several 10Ks and 12.6k before I jumped on the bus.

It is to Ju Ju’ s credit that the 10 the magic number is kept so flexible by the panther leader🐆that it can be used to provide a structured platform for other ambitions.

I started off with the intention of getting to a one off HM for the macular society and having got somewhat and pleasurably distracted by Roseabi’s Speed challenge,I am back on track for the HM.But only for a few weeks.

Did 8.4k Thursday evening and 10.9 k this morning.

Must say I have settled to repeat magic 10 and concentrate on 5k & 10K pace improvement.So even after you think you have settled your mind, you can still change it.That is part of the magic of running too.💥

Somehow I have found another gear since completing C25k, 4 months ago,

From 45-50 band to 35-40 band.I want to find sub 30.🤔. I also want to find an improved HM pace also,over the next 3 weeks.

So I am just going to try the following for the next 3 weeks,

✅ One long harder run at a little faster pace.10k-HM distance.

In the 3days in between one 2hour all body strength session and loads of walking and gardening.

✅ one long easy repeat consolidation run.10k-HM.

Same gym session and walking and gardening.

Got my date, route and time sorted, it will probably take me 4 hours from 0400-0800, then its ✅ and back to pace improvement and JuJu’s bus again.

Have to mention the magic of the 10 laws of injury prevention / to help remain injury free🤔 posted by Irish Princess.💥🏃‍♀️💥

It is a must read if you have not seen it. 👍👏👏

We are human, we are dancers.💥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💥

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You are an inspiration Tbae! 😃

... and I want to be a panther cub... one day! 😄

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Tbae in reply to Elfe5

I have missed something.🤔

I thought you had graduated,consolidated and were on JuJu’s bus.🤔

I and everyone else want you to be a panther cub and everything else you want for you.💥🏃‍♀️🐆💥

Running is the life’s blood of our soul.

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Elfe560minGraduate in reply to Tbae

No, I graduated, consolidated, had an injury, consolidated more, was about to start panther cub training then had pneumonia. 4 months out, started C25K again... nearly back to consolidation now. 😀

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Tbae in reply to Elfe5

Gosh Elfe, I had forgotten, I am sorry.

I had forgotten, comes with the territory,my memory,I mean 🤔🙈😂

Wishing you every good wish with your speedy recovery.Please to see you back and enjoying running again.

Phase back in gently of course.

Great article from Irish Princess.

So well done you.Brillant resolve and determination.You will be even stronger with the challenge you have had to face.🌟👏👏


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Elfe560minGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, I’m creeping back carefully. 😄

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Sounds like a great plan Tbae! You are an inspiration with the runs you’ve already done. I hope I can repeat the distance runs you’ve already achieved. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to Ripcurlrana71

You will, believe it.💥

You have amazing pace,sub 30, and 7 mins/km for 10k. That is fabulous.💥

You could run all day at 8 mins/ km or 8km/hour.

Hey Rip if I had to go tomorrow I could run for eight hours at 10 mins/km or 6km/hr🤔.

Think about it, it is not any different than a long walk in the mountains or anywhere.

The magic is with good running form and kissing the ground it is easier on our bodies than brisk walking.

We exist to connect and running helps us to do this.

Go you.💥🏃‍♀️💥

Keep amazing yourself, because you are amazing and we are blessed with this gift an our amazing piece of kit.💥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💥

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Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

What a lovely way with words 💕

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Tbae in reply to Jay66UK

Hey Jay, that is so kind of you.

Your contribution to the forum is great Jay, sense of humour, funny, quick, and it’s great after the stuff you have had to face up to, you have not lost you and who you are.🌟

Good on ya. Way to go.🌟

I try hard Jay to play a good game and not just talk a good game, walk the walk not just talk the talk.

We all do our best Jay.👍

You are generous, we exist to connect Jay and running helps us to do this.👍

I called you courageous before , you are , vulnerability is the most accurate measure of that, you are here on this forum asking for what you need and giving back big style.

We all want to see everyone succeed and realise their dreams.

💥🏃‍♂️💥Go Jay.

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Ripcurlrana71Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

Absolutely right Bob and wise words too. If we forgot about what pace we were running at and just ran we could accomplish so much.

Thanks for your inspiration as ever. 😊

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to Ripcurlrana71

Yes Rip,👍

No targets, no pressure, just your happy pace for that moment.💥👏👏

Run as in our childhood.🤔

But for me the eye on the prize lurks around also.

But that is now just an age thing.

One last hurrah.👏👏🙈😂😂

Irishprincess profile image

I love the fact you've mentioned gardening in the same sentence as gym work. Gardening is my other passion (after running of course 🙂) and I know I work harder doing that sometimes than I do in the gym. And I also pick up as many injuries ☹️ But yes we can get a really good workout in the garden.

Good luck with your plan and I'm pleased you found the article useful.

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to Irishprincess

Yes you made me laugh about the gardening.Irish Princess.

I have lived in this same house for 30 years.

I have over 200yds of 80 year old hedges to cut each year. Did have 5 elderly neighbours, so for the good of my hedge, they gave me access and I cut their side also.

Getting rid of stuff is an undertaking.Better Park that. 🙈

Well maybe just say 12 trips x 20 miles round trips ,large trailer to the tip.

Since I have taking up running ,garden has never been so relaxed. Before it was frightened to grow. 🤔🙈😂

Finally got wise to safety glasses after all this time, couple of years ago sorting out a large Anglesey palm/ Australian cordelyne spiked myself in the cornea,luckily the injury was to my blind eye.

Thank you for posting this article/ paper.I think it should be included in one of the mentor’s pinned post or certainly pinned.

Take good care of you💥🏃‍♀️💥

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IrishprincessAmbassador in reply to Tbae

Yikes! A spike in the cornea is never good. I've had a few close shaves myself over the years and am not good at wearing goggles although I should. I use to grow Spanish Dagger and weeding or working around that was never easy 😭

That hedge cutting sounds like a full time job! But good for you for doing the neighbours' too.

My next big challenge is getting rid of the hemlock which keeps springing up in different parts of the garden but I can identify the little bu**er when it's young now and if I see it it doesn't stand a chance but it's taken root in a wild part of the garden and there's loads now.

And yes I know what you mean about running helping with an overall relaxed approach. I like a "floppy" garden anyway but since running it's even more floppy 🙂

Keep running and keep gardening 🙂

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Tbae in reply to Irishprincess

Love the bit about muscular balance and cambers, etc.

I will definately start running round a route , particularly a woodland circuit Clockwise and Anti clockwise.Its a no brainer really, just to do it.👍👏👏

Just read your post Tbae! What an inspiration you are. Brilliant!👏👏😀😀

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Tbae in reply to

Hey Peggy,

You are very kind and that is lovely of you, thanks a million,

We all do our best on this amazing forum.

I think as your friend pinkaardvark said on one occasion, he was just shuffling along with everyone else.

How lovely is that. 🤔lol.😂

Here is me I will take about 4 hours to do half a marathon and he and the other stars on here will finish a marathon in way less than 3 hours. lol.😂. Maybe not half the time but double the distance.🤔👍

I will stick with the washing up and the drying.I know my place.🙈😂😂Go you 💥🏃‍♀️💥

in reply to Tbae

But at least you will do it! I dream of doing a half marathon but wonder if I’ll get there I am 60 after all hee! hee!. Anyway just make sure you moisturise after the washing up and the drying 🤣🤣

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to

You are only a spring chicken.👏👏

Now I have got the 59 bit.🤔

Free TV licence next month for me.

I am pleased I do not have to pay for it.🙈😂

What’s that I hear RR, oh yes rubbish and repeats.Oh maybe that’s a little harsh.🙈🤔

in reply to Tbae

Hey no! I quite like some repeats and some times the rubbishy soaps always makes you think how lucky we all are not to,live in that street,village ,square ! hee! You see I watch them all from time to time.So what age are you Tbae (if I may be so bold) as you said 59 I wondered what age do you have to be before the licence is free? 🤪🤪😋

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to

Hey I did not intend to spoil your enjoyment.

Far from it, there is lots of good stuff on the BBC.

Counting the weeks down to 75, I am a Leo. I intend/will do the HM marathon days before my 75 th.

in reply to Tbae

I know you didn’t Tbae ha! Yes there is some good stuff on the BBC.

Hubby and I have been watching Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing.

And have you been watching the very dark drama called “Hidden” set

In Wales with sub titles. It’s very dark and very gripping.

Anyway Tbae much respect to you for your HM.

Take care Tbae. Love talking to you!👍😀😀

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Way to go, you’re on perfect track! I went through something very similar - drill, commitment, discipline! And, in your case gardening as well. :)

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to mrrun

Thanks mrrun.As a novice that means a lot to me.👏👏🌟

tbh, since I have found running and this forum the job list just gets longer.🙈🤔😂

Hey ho, I kepted hearing during C25k that this will change your life and it has and I am very pleased.

Thanks to your pinned post I benefitted like others on the vital message and caution on overuse.

It’s an age thing with me now, want to enjoy the magic but sensibly find some special magic too, sensibly of course.

Ably supported by the guidance, experience, expertise and just honest care that is the forum.

We exist to connect and running is such a vital part of that.

Take good care of you.💥🏃‍♂️💥

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