I've named my Gremlin!

I've named my Gremlin!

After a year of running my Gremlin has not given up and gone away. Because I've been feeling under par recently, I've been particularly aware of that insidious negativity...

Anyway, I know some of you have named your Gremlins so I've decided to join in. It turns out I'm the new Mrs DeWinter to Mrs Danvers the Gremlin.

Mrs Danvers is snide and mean but I will rise above her poisonous remarks and remember that Mr DeWinter (i.e. running) loves me very much. :) :)

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  • Oh Anne, I absolutely loved this film. One of my favourites, I love the old classics . Excellent choice of name ! :-) xxx

  • I read the book several times when I was young. I think I've only seen the film once.

  • Excellent choice - the picture says it all.

  • Yes, and of course I look just as glamorous and beautiful as Joan Fontaine whilst out running. :)

  • All you need is an off the shoulder running top I'm sure!!

  • Indeed. Complete with industrial strength sports bra underneath! :)

  • As long as you don't have to compete against Rebecca!

  • Yes, I don't know who or what Rebecca would be in my story...!

  • Ah, "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again..." wonderful film! 🙂

  • The only first line of a book I know, I think.

  • Running certainly loves you, what a great way round to think of it as. Don't let Mrs Danvers even get a word in :)

  • I won't. I've seen the end and I know she gets her comeuppance. :)

  • Haha Anne! I haven't named my Garmin but this is very creative 😊 A bit of a mouthful though when you're swearing 😏

    I was never convinced that Mr DeWinter loved Rebecca that much actually...... a bit cold he was wasn't he?

  • I know what you mean. I prefer Mr Darcy personally. :)

  • I thought he was too moody ☹️ Couldn't be bothered with all that "strong silent" type. Do my head in 😏

  • Love this film... horrid Danvers!!! Scared me stiff when I was young....( yes, I was, once...)

    Your gremlin must be really nasty...focus on Maxim and stay away from anywhere called Mandalay!!!!

    Run, Second Mrs De Winter...run....Eeeeek!

  • Haha! I'm hoping to go running tonight and I'll make sure to say to myself, "Run, Second Mrs De Winter... run..."! :)

  • What I call my gremlin is too foul to be repeated in front of young ladies like y'all!

  • I work in a jail. I doubt I'd faint with shock... :)

  • I just KNEW I knew you from somewhere LOL :)

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