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Keswick Parkrun #14, aced it again!


Another Parkrun, another PB. It's getting boring...

Well actually no.

I tried a new strategy. I have been starting slow to save something for the hill at 1.5 Km, but I decided to try running quite fast at the beginning which is flat. This seems to be a good strategy, as the hill was no worse than usual. So Strava gives me PB on the out-run and on the run home.

The picture is the final 200 metre to the line, taken before the race. It's a great surface to sprint on. And of course it is also the first 200 metres too...

Pos Time Age Cat Age Grade Gender Pos Club Note Total Runs

116 32:32 VM65-69 53.02% M 66 NHS Couch to 5k New PB! 14

Happy running!

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Congratulations on a PB at this morning's Keswick Park run 😊 🏃, nice photo of the first and final 200 metres, getting ever so near that magic 30 minutes 🏃 😊.

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

If I can make 30 minutes by the anniversary of C-2-5K W1R1 (which nearly killed me) then I shall be overjoyed! Last week of April.

ArthurJGGraduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

Ha! We’re nearly twins then. I thought you’d been here forever but I started first week in May so just a week later. No PB for me today though, over three minutes outside it in fact.


Yay!!! Well done theoldfellow, your strategy came up trumps and you were practically running with me (although I didn’t have that hill). That straight 200m looks nice though. Good for intervals training!!

My age grade was up to 59.66% today so that’s good I think.

Here’s to your next Parkrun PB 🍻

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Age grade ~60% is pretty fantastic Dexy. Local Class level!

I really do think we are on to something with this running lark.... although I have a ways to go to catch you.👏

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

You’d be well ahead of me on your course tof. 🏃‍♂️.........🏃‍♀️. And on mine as no hills.

Well done to you! 😊🍾🥂🎉🏅👏🏻👍☀️🏃🏻🤸‍♂️🏃🏻🤸‍♂️🏃🏻🤸‍♂️PBs are always worth celebration!

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to over61andstilltrying

yes, and now I have put the car away for the night, I shall start.... 🍷

Just the one though, I was only 5 seconds faster than last week...

Work in the morning.🙏


Well done Old Fellow! 👏🏻👏🏻😃🏃‍♂️💥❤️ I’ve been stuck at about the same time for Parkruns for a bit now, but at least I guess that means I’m consistent! 😂


Superb and what a fab run you have there too...


Cracking stuff old boy 👍


Congratulations theoldfellow - I have to admit that I still haven't got the hang of negative splits and start parkrun too fast as well. Seems to have worked so far though!

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to JonathanP


My problem at Keswick is the terrain. The route is flat, uphill, downhill, uphill to the turn and then the reverse. My original strategy was to do a negative split so that I saved my energy for the uphills, but I seem to be faster if I go moderately fast to start with. Of course, there is then the depressing re-passing by everyone that I overtook on the flat while I wheeze up the second hill, but I do get some of them back on the way down.😃

One day, I'll try a flat Parkrun like Dexy's.....


JonathanPGraduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

Hmmm yes, I see the problem. My local parkrun is also in Portsmouth, but the north of the city, and fairly flat, but I am tempted to head for Southsea one of these weeks...

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