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Keswick Parkrun report


Well, another Saturday, another Keswick Parkrun. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. The weather was heavy overcast, but not actually raining. Lots of visitors, and apart from the volunteers I didn't see many regulars - they must all be on holiday.

I really really didn't want to go, but in the end the habit won and I set off. I started faster than usual, hoping to set a new PB, but as I got towards the final Km I started to feel my knee pain again (Pes Anserine Bursitis, probably), so I slowed right down, and Jeffed the last 500 metres. This is a bit worrying, I seem to have developed a weakness.

So the plan is to do some knee and foot strengthening exercises on my non-Sunday off-days, and hope that I can do 3-4 Km on Monday. I think it best to put all thought of following Juju's plan out of my mind until I can run without this pesky knee issue. It will probably help if I could loose another 3 Kilos.

Despite all that, I am so pleased I went.

Hope your Saturday is wonderful.❤❤❤

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You were not sure that you were going to run this morning's Parkrun, but I applaud you for running 🏃 it. You were very wise in slowing down when you felt those pains starting, hopefully with those knee and foot strengthening exercises the pain will heal.


Sorry the knee is still playing up but big congratulations for getting out and running despite not feeling it. 😀 Have a wonderful weekend 😁

Oh no Old! Well done on getting yourself out there but rubbish to hear about the injury 😔 Will be praying for a speedy recovery.


Oh dagnammit! :-( Yep, take it easy for a bit, especially no fell running …..


Oh so sorry that the rest hasn’t helped your knee theoldfellow, but well done for giving it a try. Have you thought about seeing a sports physio for an assessment and to give you guidance on what to do to help the situation? I found it really helpful with my earlier injuries.

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I'm thinking seriously about that. I'll need to find a proper sports physio, though, and that will mean a recommend from someone local. I'll ask the Parkrun team I guess.

My official time today was 00:34:28, just 11 seconds or so off my PB. So without the knee I think I would have smashed it. 😢

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

You did well. My official time was 34:30 without the hills and a dodgy knee. Yes do try parkrun, a running club or an independent running shop, if you have one, for the name of a recommended sports physio .


Aw 💩 BUT you did go, and you did try, and you did the right thing in the last km. I hope you heal quickly ❤️


Do you have a GP in the practice who is a runner? My dr ( who runs) was very helpful recently re a knee injury - gave me a couple of physio exercises and advised me to keep cycling as well as running to strengthen my aging knees. 😄

Very well done on your run too - impressive pace.

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to Elfe5

The main issue with the GP practice is getting an appointment this decade...

The doctors change every few weeks too. It's big issue here in Cumbria. I am seeing the nurse there on Monday for a regular ECG, so I'll ask.

Elfe560minGraduate in reply to theoldfellow

Oh dear - I foresee a rather strange win- win situation...

either your knee has healed before you get there or you finally make it to an appointment!


Sorry the knee is giving you grief. You made a good decision to slow it down. Knee strengthening exercises will help. The 10k will be there when your body is ready. Slow and steady, take care of yourself first. Concentrate on shorter pain free runs first then resume ju-ju's awesome plan when your body is ready.


Glad you enjoyed going, but sorry you’re getting knee niggles still, OF. 😣❤️Is it worth checking the cause with a Physio at this point, to get some advice?

I had knee issues when I first started C25k, but have mainly managed to avoid them since I started the foam rolling exercises my Sports Therapist suggested. Hope you find something that works. ❤️

At least Sundays are hopefully getting less of an ordeal for you now the weather is cooling down to make it more appropriate for cassocks? 😊❤️

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