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Running with Mo but not with Jo....

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Wow...just wow...I feel well & truly loved...122 replies to my missing mojo post has left me feeling overwhelmed, all your wishes of encouragement & kindness, honesty & support have really got to me...I honestly have never felt anything like Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope that whenever any one of you are going through a tough patch that my words of encouragement will help you along like every single comment on here has helped me...I'm grateful of all the virtual hugs too because HOW COLD IS IT TODAY?????? Which leads me onto my tale about today's run...I know, I know, I maybe should be taken a bit longer off & believe me, when the rain was lashing my face this morning that thought wasn't far from my mind...I made sure I had everything with me when I did the school run this morning so i could drive straight to my chosen route, fleecy jacket, headphones, phone sleeve...I had plugged my fitbit in to charge so called for it on my way passed...when I parked up at the side of the road the heavens opened....yes you're right, only having Mo & not Jo I wanted to go straight home, get my slippers on & light the fire, but I didn't, I went home & got my waterproof jacket thinking I might aswell go across to the Bev, that's not what you planned thats boring & we are trying to find Jo so back to the chosen route it is. So off I went, 10 mins later parked back up, the rain & wind were vile but something inside me needed to get out, no pressure, no distance were the words from all of you in mind, just run this particular circuit BECAUSE YOU I got out of the car & set off walking to warm up. Warm up? Not a chance this the time I started running my right cheek had been lashed good & proper and my thighs were numb, I'd decided to take Mr Smooth with me and did W6r2 10min run, 3 min walk then 10min run....I didnt walk i ran it all, I only covered 2.8kms in 23 mins but considering that Jo is still missing I dont think that's so bad. I can't tell you how soaked i was, put it this way, if id have travelled from leeds to London ontop of a wagon on the M1 I wouldnt have been as wet!!!!

Jancanrun is running around London looking for Jo as I think Mo arrived in the box that she sent me with some Mojo dust and a bottle of her delicious olive oil all the way from Italy!! How lucky am I??? I've had private messages too wishing me well & asking if there's anything they can re all so so kind, you've made me cry & laugh with your comments & the way you've made me feel, all your comments & ideas wede going through my head while i was out so hopefully now I can change the way I think about my running & in a few weeks, or whenever Jo decides to come home maybe, as Bluebirdrunner suggested, I can start on the 10k plan again...gosh, running can be so intense!!! It's like when you fall in love with someone & you can't do without's a proper love affair!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your running, if ever you have any doubts about your ability, come back to my mojo post because this is one I will refer to whenever I'm having a wobble & I am 100% sure that it will make you feel better...and further of you whose mojo is also awol...I will help you find it while I'm looking for Jo xxx

MC xxxxx

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I think I maybe missing the jo part today too... the weather was so crap I couldn’t face the run...., but if Mr Smooth can be overcoming his stroke, then us running twins can find 100% of the mo jo. Well done MC - Yorkshire grit always comes out on top.



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MummycavModerator in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you Jan...I saw him on telly last night, he is so brave & so determined. The weather was atrocious this morning but somewhere inside me I remembered how liberating I find running in the rain, it didn't feel quite as liberating this morning, I felt like a proper nutcase but I remembered my twin is out looking for my Mojo so I have to help her! Xx

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JancanrunGraduate10 in reply to Mummycav

Twin ran today.... only a little one, as I had an appointment to go to. But another 7k done, and I may have seen some twinkly sights again!!!

I just want to say you are amazing. Well done on going out for a "whatever" run that lasted for 23 min :) That's 23 min longer than I did :P

P.S. You are loved! And your running love you too ;) no love affair is easy and straightforward ;)

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MummycavModerator in reply to IgaT

Awww, thank you IgaT, you're so kind...I so want to run more but an just not feeling it...I could use the F word that's not allowed on here because that's how part of me feels at the moment..but I want to run, I love to run so I will run xx

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IgaT in reply to Mummycav

I have some meh time myself. I love some of my runs, so I am willing to go out there and hope it is one of those good days ;)

We will get better, we will find our mojo and our love back ;)

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Don't know what all the fuss is about with the weather its sunny and 28 degrees where I am ☀️😉 Seriously good news you have found your Mo, I suspect Jo is waiting for you just around a corner somewhere, at least I hope it is, love and kisses from downtown Bangalore 🇮🇳

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MummycavModerator in reply to Berksrover

Haha...lucky you's not that long since we were all melting in the heat!! I hope Jo isn't far away, I am looking for her & I know I'm not the only one...thank you Steve xx

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Way to go Mummycav !! 👊🏃‍♀️🌟

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MummycavModerator in reply to Flaraflarkin

Thank you Flaraflarkin...I maybe should have had a few more days off but I wanted to test the mojo, my heart was only half in it but I did what I could & that will have to do xx

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Isn't that why we are all here?

23 minutes in the cold and rain is bloody marvellous 🤗🤗

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Yeah! That *proper Yorkshire lass*went out running today Mummycav....because you wanted too💪rain? Stuff and nonsense😄...

Well done Bevlar!

Love your plan to work back up to 10k with Ju's plan...when you feel ready to take it on.

This forum is the best for support when needed, and you are one of the most supportive and lovliest members Mummycav. 😊xxx

Woohoo - well done you! x

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I've been thinking I'll try and start again this week, but sod that!!! Too blinking cold for me and I used to go out on ice (very stupidly). A few months out has turned me into a big ole wuss. Well done on getting out there in spite of everything!!! You are made of stronger stuff than you give yourself credit for (we all knew this though) xxx

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Sooooo glad Mo has returned MC! Jo won’t be far behind I’m sure! You know you have pals on here to spur you on.

I’d never run before June of this year, and now I find myself wishing I’d done C25K years earlier just to experience these forums. They are simply awesome, and I’m incredibly happy everyone on here has helped you out! 😀

Keep running with Mo, MC. Jo will soon come looking for you! 🏃‍♀️❤️😀

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Aw, MC, you are so resilient and this just proves it! I call what you had a “maintenance run”. Despite the weather and despite missing Jo, you got out there. I do plenty of those “maintenance runs”! Especially in winter lol! Stick at these types of run until you feel the love returning. Having slightly sh*t runs is all part of the journey. Sigh. Big love to you.

Sadie xxx

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Well done Mummycav - we knew you could (and would) do it! 😀

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Well done. Enjoy the next one x

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Way to go petal 💪👍😃👍🏅🍰🍌

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So glad you didn't give up :)

Great news! I had a lovely maintenance run too and it was your post and all the amazing replies that got me out there again today. The power of this forum!

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I am so pleased to see this, huge well done to you.... keep at it :)

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I've been preoccupied with house conveyancing so hardly on here, so mussed your mojo post. really glad you got out there again. BTW am still waiting for photos of the beefcake!

My mojo is flapping round my ankles at the moment. Too tired to get the longer runs in and too stressed, so I empathise xxx

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MummycavModerator in reply to FlickM3

Thanks's not fair when you just don't feel it...xx

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

Not enjoying running much right now - just keeping it ticking over with short runs xx

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MummycavModerator in reply to FlickM3

Well I'm right there with you lovely xxx

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

bummer, eh? xxx

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MummycavModerator in reply to FlickM3

Yes it is....but it won't last I promise xx

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

No, it won’t, but it seems Togo on forever when it’s happening ☹️ Xxx

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