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Still not running 😞


Hey runners,

I've not posted in a while, I've been lurking every now and then, but in all honestly a little blue reading about people running, when I've been told I can't for a while.

So, I went to a physio regarding the pain I was getting in my thigh and hip whenever I ran. After a long chat about various issues with my back, it is my Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) which has been causing me problems. And as my running was increasing in duration and distance, it was just exasperating the issue more and more.

Long story short, because of my spine not being straight, it has a knock on effect with the rest of my bone structuring. My pelvis is not square on, and basically the minute I stabilise on my right leg, my thigh twists inwards, and with the high impact of running it's just compounded the issue

Sooooo....we're going back to square one, and I'm basically learning how to engage and strengthen my core and mobilise my hip flexors. Firstly lying down (that's where I am at the moment). Then standing, then standing on one leg, and then finally with a walking and running plan. I can't run until I've basically learned how to run with the body that I have. In fact nothing high impact at the moment at all. It's frustrating beyond belief but I know this is definitely the right approach. It seems as though it's going to be a good few weeks til I'm running again, and even then I'll have to start slow and gradually build up to where I was.

I know I'd not been running all that long (4 months), but I had grown to love it so much, not only for the physical benefits but also how it made me feel mentally, and just to be outside, headphones on and doing my thing.

Looks like I'm going to have to get the pushbike out of the back of the shed (although I hate cycling), and hunt out my swimming costume (I love swimming but can't stand a busy pool).

For those of you that have been on the IC for a while, what were your coping strategies??


LR x

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Hi LR,

No advice to give unfortunately, except to say that I'm sure your positive attitude will ensure you find a solution to this obstacle. Best wishes and good luck!

Thanks Mike, keeping a positive spin is definitely the most wholesome approach! Even when I just wanna go 'aghhhhhhh! I just want to ruuuuunnnnn!' 😬


Oh that’s pants Little-runner ...I’m hovering on & off the IC at the moment with ankle niggles, I’ve been swimming & done some Pilates in between some short runs but also I’ve enjoyed reading posts on here to keep me motivated & raring to go...take care of yourself & when you do get going again it will be all the more enjoyable I’m sure

Hey Mummycav, I think I should definitely come on here more often, like you say for the motivation but also for the support which has always been amazing.

And as long as I'm really diligent and committed to my physio, hopefully it'll make me a better runner in the long haul. I've always said that I'm in this running game for life, so hopefully this is just a minor hiccup.

MummycavModerator in reply to Little-runner

That’s the spirit!! I’m in it for the long haul too so same here xx


Hey LR,

So sad to learn about your blues. 😱 I only just got off the IC. I guess we all have to learn to run with the body we have. Mine has arthritis in the right knee.

Coping strategies? Take it out on the other half? It doesn't work, I tried it. 😢

The ONLY thing I found that cheered me up was reading about what everyone here was doing. Their runs are my runs.

There is some deep theology in this, but I won't bore everyone with that today. It comes down to this: we are all in this together, your pain is my pain, and your joy is my joy. This is what makes groups like this one so important.

So, let us share the pain, LR, and you share the joy. Don't go hide away.


❤️❤️ I LOVE THIS! ❤️❤️

You are so right and thank you for sharing.

ps hope your knee is causing you too much gip.

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

Knee is a lot better. I run until it hurts, then walk until it stops, then runs some more... I was only 1 minute down on my PB at the Parkrun. Meanwhile lots of physio-prescribed strengthening exercises (which reminds me.....)

You'll be fine too.❤❤❤❤❤

I guess we can only work with what we have...and it looks as though you've found a way to run with your knee, and hopefully the physio will lessen your pain so you can run further and further, and keep smashing those PR PBs.

We're planning on a trip to the Lakes at Easter next year so maybe I could join you in the Parkrun then!

theoldfellowGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

Now that is something to look forward to. ❤❤❤❤

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

Glad to hear you’re back on the run OF! I totally agree with you too! Good days, not so good days, but we are all in this together. And that’s so amazing!! Welcome back to running!! 😁❤️

Oh gosh I'm sorry to hear this Little :( Sounds like everything you are doing is the right thing but I bet it's hard to hear. I look forward to seeing you back on here asap!

Thanks South, I'm hoping to be back running before the weather gets too cold otherwise it's going to be a complete shock to the system! ❄️💨🌧

Or if it’s proper cold when you’re ready to run again, go for treadmills until the weather turns in the spring? (If that’s even an option.)

I’ve just joined a gym with this fancy curved treadmill that replicates outdoor running so this is definitely an option for me now!


Sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering. I too have scoliosis, but it doesn’t bother my running. I do sympathize though. From one wonky spine gal to another, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” so we just keep trying.

I like spin classes, they are not too ‘pink sock gang’ if you know what I mean. Go ahead, try it, how hard can it be? You are sitting on your bum for an hour after all. The thing I like about spinning is that sooner or later in the class I have to let go of all of my angst, because it takes all of my energy to get through a class, I don’t have the ability to hold onto my angst at the same time, so I leave feeling less troubled - and that feeling is the same as my post run feeling.

Hope it helps.

Yoga is good for scoliosis, it helps by loosening up our tight side in a stretch. I don’t do it though, it’s just too tame for my tastes. 😁

Good luck!!

Jocomoso in reply to Goforitmama

yes I agree spinning is amazing fun and you burn so many calories in an hour - really sad I don't get to spin anymore... I moved to the rurals where there is no gym... cyclists abound, & the Tour de France teams do their training here (costa blanca spain) but I find riding here a bit tricky with all the angry drivers!

Hey Goforitmama! Did you have surgery for your Scoliosis? I try to live a normal life as possible and consider myself quite lucky compared to others, as a FB group I'm in, it seems just normal day to day life can cause a lot of pain for some people with Scoliosis.

I'm not sure what the 'pink sock gang' is!? I'm currently looking into joining a gym, and spin would probably be one of the classes I would consider. Although I am a bit scared as I've heard some of the instructors can be a bit shouty and punishing!

Yoga is one of the classes I would like to go to, and yes, my side stretch is appalling!

Thanks for the advice.


GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

No, I’ve not had surgery. I’m just a little wonky. I seem to notice it a bit more as I’m getting older.

I was hesitant to start spin classes because I had heard an instructor shouting at her class. Now that I’ve been to her class I can now tell you that she yells encouragement at us. It’s all the kind of stuff I tell myself when I’m running “come on legs!” “Keep going” “go!”, and the only reason she shouts is because the music is so loud. Yep, she is shouty and pushing but not punishing. She is a spin instructor not an Army Drill Sargent! It’s her job to push us. As in all exercise classes you decide what your limit is, ease yourself in, don’t try to keep up with the hard core people in the group. Just do your own thing.

It’s nice to feel the energy from the others in the class. Go ahead, try a few different things. You won’t know unless you try.

Thanks for the intel on the spin class...I think I'm defo going to give it a go. And if I don't like it, then at least I've tried! x

Pink sock gang, that has made me laugh, thank you!


Awww LR, what a shame, but then again at least you know what you’re dealing with and you’ve been given some good advice.😀

As you loved running so much and were doing so well, you’ll no doubt want to get back to it as soon as you can, so will be inspired to do your exercises with your usual great attitude. Running will be here waiting for you, along with all us VRB’s!

Look forward to hearing the occasional update on your progress! 😀😀

Thanks Cheeky! I'm definite very inspired to stick to my exercises. Even though they are considerably time consuming. It takes me 30 minutes to get through them and I need to do them twice a day!!!! That is commitment I can tell you!


cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

That’s being a runner! And you are one!! 💪🏃‍♀️👍👟👏😀


Hi, so sorry you’re not able to run!

I totally understand how you feel!

My Daughter has scoliosis too, so get how that has a huge impact on your running.

I’m injured too with ligament damage, only for a few weeks so, I realise it’s nothing really!

I think only runners really understand the impact on your mental health, confidence, and obviously your physical health, when you’re injured.

If one more person tells me running is dangerous, I may not be responsible for my actions!!! 😬🤣🤬

I have been going to the gym and doing what I can, have thought about swimming but hate it! Might have to suck it up as I don’t want to lose my fitness!

I wish you lots of luck and hope with the right medical support/treatment you’ll be back!

Always hear if u wanna moan!


Thanks Lisa. I hope your daughter's Scoliosis doesn't cause her too much grief. One of the main things for me as a youngster, and throughout life really is being so incredibly self conscious, and having such a big scar. I really wish they'd given me emotional guidance and support when I was younger. I guess things are (hopefully) different now.

Sorry to hear you're also injured, and yes a few weeks is probably nothing. I can't imagine how devastating it must be to be told you can NEVER run!

Oh yeah, and about it being dangerous.... 'it's bad for your knees!' I think I read somewhere that running is actually really good for your bones and prevents against arthritis.

I'm already worried about loss of fitness, but currently trying to get out for a speed walk when I can. I'm looking into joining a gym will which will have a quieter pool than our public baths. I just can't stand it when it's too busy.

Hopefully you too will be out running soon!


Hi there Little-runner, So sorry that it sounds like you will have a slow return to running. But it sounds like you are learning a lot about the workings of your body and have a great determination to do the right things to help. That's all good. Hope you find some less busy swimming and your recovery goes well. Here are some more flowers for you 🌼🌺🌸 Get running well as soon possible!

Thanks 61andtrying! Beautiful flowers!

I've decided to join the local gym as the pool will be a bit quieter than the public ones. I can also do some classes there such as yoga, stretch class and use some of the more gentle cardio equipment.

Hopefully it won't be too long that I can get running again, and before it gets too cold otherwise it's going to be such a shock to the system!


over61andstilltryingGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

Here's hoping that the classes and swimming go well😊🏊‍♀️

I feel your pain. I am also feeling frustrated as I can’t run I have a bad foot. I have got my swimming costume out and going swimming most days as a non weight bearing exercise until foot better.

Sorry to hear you are also on the IC. Fortunately I do love swimming, so I've decided to join a gym and use the much quieter pool. x

sorry to hear of your predicament, very frustrating for you, although you hate cycling it can be such a boost to your fitness without impact but the loading of your thighs and knees will make your legs so strong... just remember to use your gears and dont push too hard to start with... think of "spinning" those legs rather than pushing down - it defeats the object. Hope you can consolidate your fitness until you can get back to running

take care xxx

PS i haven't run for weeks and I'm dreading starting again, i've had a dodgy hamstring and it just hurts too much, but I do need to test it a bit soon before I put on too much weight - boo!

Hey Jocomso, my OH is such an advocate of cycling (he bikes to work everyday) and cannot tell me enough how brilliant it is for fitness. I'm just not very good at it! I probably get my bike out once a year, forget how to use the gears, how to get off properly, and I'm just not very confident on a bike.

Sorry to hear you've also been on the IC and hope you manage to get running pain free soon!



Hope the link gives any help, good luck..

Thanks Dave, will check out the link.



Sorry to hear of your troubles but sounds like there is a plan in place to get you back at it. Unfortunately no advice, just a virtual hug (((( ))))

Thank you!

Definitely a plan in place...hopefully it won't be too long that I'm running again!



Big hugs from your VRB Little Runner!! 🤗 I know how much you love to run! And you’ve got a plan; a little bit like we had the C25K programme to follow. all of those great things that youre going to be doing to get you out running strong. Every single time you do it, just think you’ll be getting stronger. 💪🏽 You don’t have to lurk, you’re part of the running family! I’ll be cheering you on and looking forward to congratulating you on completing your own personal running programme! 😉 You can do it Little Runner! 👊🏽🤩❤️

Aww thanks Fabulous! What a lovely message of support. ❤️ You are so right that every little step I make at the moment will aid me back to running again. And this time, hopefully with the knowledge to run better with the body that I have. My physio exercises takes an hour a day at the moment, so quite a significant amount of time... but I'm committed to getting stronger. And hopefully with Abs of Steel with the amount of core work that I'm doing. 💪

Thanks again xxxx 😘

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to Little-runner

Abs of steel is well worth the effort Little Runner!! Go you!!! 😁😁😍❤️

Hi Little-runner, no advice, just some more solidarity and virtual ((hug)) to offer. I hurt my foot shortly after graduating the c25k, it was misdiagnosed as a muscle strain and not to run until it healed. Which it didn't because it was ligament damage and the start of arthritis. Long story short, I'm finally able to run a little, I'm now (very) slowly building up my times again.

But I remember the panic I felt when it wasn't healing and I didn't know if I would be able to run again, because the physical and mental wellbeing that running gives me has been life changing. I couldn't explain it to people, because I'd spent a lifetime NOT running, how could it affect me so much after only a few weeks.

It made such a difference just knowing what was wrong and that I would be able to run again. I'm sure it must be the same for you, although you can't run yet, at least you now have a plan, you can do something about it, and the running is there waiting for you. (I like the sound of those core exercises!)

I also have found that engaging on the forum has helped. It keeps my head in the right place!

Thanks for the words of encouragement Grumpyoldgirl. I totally know how you feel just being a new runner, and yet feeling so frustrated not being able to run. I'd only been running for 4 months which is nothing really, and I've never missed an activity so much. I can't imagine how devastating it would be for a runner to be told they could never run. 😩

You're right it must be awful. I love this forum, I can't think of any others where people are so totally supportive. And this thread in particular, so many lovely people! Let us know how you are getting on.

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