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running help depression

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I ran four mile yesterday relatively pain free in my hip. yippee, have decided going to keep it to every other day running, instead of every day with a day off per week, on the off days will do my kettle-size have put some weight back on due to comfort eating being frustrated when unable to run through injury which just shows how much I depend on my running to help with depression I have Doncaster 10k booked 25th Nov so hoping I can get fit enough again to get round

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Well done - best wishes!!!!

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Good work there 😃 if you keep running and eating healthily you’ll be in fine fettle for the race

Get the training runs in come what may. Bad weather can be off-putting but once you’re out the door it’s fine 👍🏃‍♀️💪😃

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I've read somewhere that most runners run for what's going on in their heads and not their bodies but clearly the benefits to all parts is well documented and in evidence here!

You have loads of time for your race and it sounds as if you have a sensible plan. Enjoy the training and good luck for the race.

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Well done and that sounds like a very sensible plan too :)

Well done you! Having a goal often really helps us to keep at it! All the very best with your preparation. 😊🏃‍♀️

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One day off a week is definitely not enough! I’m same with the mental health thing 👌🏽

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Running is my mental health saviour, as soon as I don’t run for a couple of days my health anxiety returns. Keep going, you’re doing just great homlyme

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