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It’s the dog’s fault


I was really up for a 4K today - feeling physically good after Tuesday’s 8, despite it being a slog at the time, and mentally in need of a clean out after a stressful few days. A nasty Thursday afternoon - no one will be at the park - so I had the Bright Idea to take the dog running with me for the first time.....

I’ve had one of those Cani-X waist belts for years - used it once. I didn’t want to be pulled from pillar to post, so attached the dog end to Mosi’s halter. I allowed plenty of time to walk at the start and let him take care of nature’s call. Suitably emptied, we start trotting.

I forgot to tell you; the agility crowd have set up on the main sports field (on a Thursday afternoon????) and my Belgian Shepherd hates collies almost as much as bouvier’s after he was bitten by one in agility training when he was younger. Needless to say we switched to tracking.

So we head out around the edge of the park, round the big fields - loads of space. The agility lot can show off how they can walk 3 collies off lead, at once, while texting, drinking coffee and remaining in complete control of every step their dogs take (not). We can avoid them most of the way round.

Mosi, by this point, has found a reserve bladder and must have eaten twice as much in the last 12 hours than I gave him credit for. 2 more stops to fill up plastic bags and I accidentally step on his poop while looking for it among autumn leaves.

Oh well, thinks I, it was supposed to be a test today, anyway. He occasionally stops dead to raise a leg, or dart off at a 90 degree angle because he’s detected a scent (which he has been allowed to do on walks- not his fault) so that’s really annoying. I notice I’m not in a rhythm and the waist belt is still yanking me sideways which isn’t doing my torso any favours.

We started heading back towards the centre of the park and start working together nicely but I saw we were catching up with an oblivious owner and 2 off-lead collie-types and decided to go off the gravel track to do a loop on grass - thereby cleaning any remaining poop off my Saucony’s, giving her more time to either notice my fluorescent pink jacket or give us some more distance, or we have options to go in another direction.

Remember I said about attaching the waist belt to the halter? Unfortunately, that meant the distance between my feet and the dog’s tail was non-existent so I didn’t see a huge crack in the ground. My foot landed and it felt like I’d stood on a spike with the outside of my foot, as my instep rolled into the crack.

I immediately stopped and swore. Walked carefully back up to the gravel track, it felt ok-ish to walk. The flipping collie-owner had hardly put any distance between us, in spite of my best efforts! But I tried a few run strides anyway, felt my foot object, and decided to abandon the run and walk back to the car. 2.5k!!! So frustrating!

On the positive side, I think my foot is just jarred, not sprained. RICE time. It could have been a lot worse. The dog stopped pulling when he realised we were going at his Mosi-wiggle pace, for a change, and he walked back to the car on a loose lead. I was thrilled with how he coped with the dogs we saw, not an ounce of tension 😁 but he’s staying home on my runs until after the Great South, at least.

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Oh dear! Well at least you tried. Fingers crossed for your foot 👣

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to telford_mike

Yep! I learned lots today!!!


Good effort trying. I can’t imagine running attached by the waist to a dog, and Mosi certainly looks big enough to pull you completely off balance! 😳❤️

Hope the foot recovers well. xx

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to have a go for a while and it would kill 2 birds with one stone in winter :) perhaps on a plain lead next time though😁👍

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to Equi-geek

At our Parkrun several people seem to run with dogs on normal leads, with them just holding the lead in their hand. Some get pulled forwards by the dogs so much that I think it may even be an advantage! 😂

Not sure how long it took for them to train their dogs to run that way, but none of the humans ever seem to get pulled in any direction but forwards, which doesn’t look too damaging for the owners.

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Yes some of them are going so fast I have to check they haven't got roller skates on their feet. 😀

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I think the ultimate would be someone running Parkrun with a dog AND a buggy! You could climb on the back and call it a family Parkrun dog sleigh event! 😂😂

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

You must come to Southsea, it’s a regular occurrence 🏃‍♂️🐕🛴(how come there’s no emoji for a pram or a baby?)

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

oooh, a scooter!🤣

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to Equi-geek

Speaking of birds, dogs and leads, i took binoculars with us on our walk, the day after spotting some birds which I was surprised to see. I stood there, dog lead round wrist, and raised the bins. Next minute I was being dragged unceremoniously sideways at speed 🙄. He’d got bored 😁

It was cormorants 😃

Gran4zGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

😃 sorry to laugh, but that’s just so funny🌻🙂

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

That is funny! Sorry!


Well done for your perseverance and tactical running Equi. You certainly had a lot thrown at you in this run. The main thing is that you didn't injure yourself badly and after a nice rest, you can go out again. Challenging as it was, a run is in the bag! Mosi however, looks like he might be resting for a while. 😁❤️

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks Fabulous! Mosi was rather shocked to be travelling at 'his' pace for once and couldn't believe his luck. But he needs to be fitter to keep going as long as his mum 🤣🐺

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to Equi-geek

Well just like Mum, he’ll get there!! 😉❤️


Sorry to hear about your foot equi. I hope, like you think, it's just jarred. I can imagine the convenience of walking the dog at the same time as running though .

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy5 - the foot is fine today just walking about so I think Park run will be fine tomorrow - with 🏃‍♀️fresh legs, yay!


Eeep! What an eventful run! I do hope your foot is okay, Equi. Rest it up. Oh and give Mosi a cuddle from me, he is gorgeous. x

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Sadie! He is a big ball of floof and I'll give him an extra cuddle. He crashed out on my lap and looked thoroughly hung-over yesterday evening 😂

Oh my word Equi Geek are you me in a parallel universe? I had Tervies about 30 odd years ago when they were first recognised by the kennel club. Lovely breed 💖

Glad the running is going ok. Not so good about the 🐕💩 🤣

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Jogunlikely

They're gorgeous but 'Special' aren't they?😁 He's our first Terv. Not an easy dog - as you know - independent and so quick to learn and react, but a fantastic teacher and really makes you understand about motivation and a dog's priorities! He's from a Fosvek litter in Swansea.

Your call I run with my border collie we had a few mishaps first couple of runs he now does his business on warm up walk then happily trots as I run amazing how quickly they realise the run is different to our normal walks for me he helps me stay focused on my 3 x 30 mins per week Fingers crossed your foot is 👌

Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Fernshome

I'm hoping with a bit of practice, a longer time at the start for him to empty out, and maybe just a lead next time - we'll get the hang of it! I'm considering trying a different collar/harness or something to help him understand we are doing something different now, but hopefully the fact we move at such a pace continuously will be enough for him to learn we don't stop on these runs when we get going. He's smart so can figure that out, I reckon.

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