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Returning with GNR5k

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Havenโ€™t been on here for ages. I got tendonitis which left me unable to walk never mind run. Just had to stop running for so long but slowly returning. And I mean slowly ๐Ÿ˜‚

Did the 5k great north run last night which was a great experience and did it in 41 mins. (To be fair I was never speedy when I was in full fitness)

Nice to be back and good look to anyone in Newcastle today

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Good start for you 'Trying2run' . I am sure that many runners here on C25K will be watching The Great North Run on TV today and cheering the runners on


I've been on the IC with a knee pain for just a couple of days, so I can just imagine what it is like to be off for a while. Good that you are getting back into it. Slow is good, well it's infinitely better than stationary!

Best wishes for a full recovery and no recurrence.

Trying2runGraduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

Thanks and same to you


It must have been a great atmosphere up there for the 5k Trying2run. Enjoy your return from the couch.

Trying2runGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

It was good, yes

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