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Hello my precious.

Been having some issues with the cloudaces I bought since my old cloudflyers died. Well I think it is the cloudaces fault. Been getting shin splint aches. So only way to rule things out is to go back to the same shoe, but as the old ones were knackered, cue new ones.

Only problem is they seem to have revised them so these cloudflyers are different than my old ones... oh gods. Well we will see I guess.

10 Replies
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*DRIBBLES* They look lovely. Can you discern what the difference is between these and the old Flyers?

I was reading a review of the Cloudaces in Runners World only yesterday. They said that they were the most supportive of the On shoes, suitable for overpronators. I am wondering, if you (as in you, pinkaard) don't overpronate at all, that is the reason they were messing with your shins? I dunno.

I hope you have many happy kms in these ones. I am currently coveting the waterproof Cloudflyers. I hate wet feet and winter brings many soggy runs.

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Not at home at the moment but the tag loop at the back is different. The plastics use at the back are lessened and there are air holes in the side to name a few differences. The aces feel as comfortable in fit and size as the cloud flyers do. So it is weird but I just don't get on with them running. The flyers are meant to be a supportive shoe too and the aces just are a bit more cushioned. Who knows.. I will discover.

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark


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I've tried with my flyers but definitely not working for me so currently negotiating with On as shop I brought them from said they could not do anything. Hope yours work out pink, they do look good but sadly that's not quite enough :( :)

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

These are my second pair lorijay. I ran the others to death so know they suit me. Sorry to hear yours don't but shoes are such a fickle thing it seems.

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Love my Cloudflyers :-)

I'm on my 2nd / 3rd pair of Cloudflyers.... My first pair (last model) were great and had no issues at all and thus I bought a second pair which happened to be the "new" model. After 200k-ish had some damage on the outside edge by my little toe which surprised me and could not recall how this happened. I contacted On with pictures and then promptly sent me a code to order a new pair free of charge!! I've continued to use the 2nd pair as the damage doesn't cause any real issue that a bit of tape didn't sort out. So, looking forward to getting into the 3rd pair and hopefully the damage was a "one off" and these will be fine. Excellent customer service though :-)

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(Eyes pop out) Ohhhhh, I like those, I have shoe envy AGAIN!! This calls for action...and a decision....when I hit 10k these can be my treat!

I’m sure you will have many happy miles of running in those babies 👀💪🏻👟👟

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Since I started running I have always stuck with exactly the same shoe for that very reason, fingers crossed they are ok....

I'm having problems with sizing with On. My Cloudflyers (old variety like yours) fit perfectly. On the basis of that, my Cloudflows and Cloudsurfers were ordered same size and are very roomy. No problem when running, but I feel a bit like Minnie Mouse. Let us know how the Flyers work out. They are my go to Ons so i hope they are still wonderful when I replace them.

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to

Both cloudflyers are 1 size up for me as are th e cloudventures and cloud aces. I'd say the cloud aces maybe should have be just half a size as hey are a bit wide for my liking but not sure if that causes harm.

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