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Has anyone downloaded the Bluefin free podcast ? I really need a Laura in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk to enable me to get to 10k . If anyone has followed this podcast it would be great to know how they got on !!

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I used it in France for a repeat 10K.but ditched it because the lyrics of.."little bunny rabbits" drove me loopy..started using Sami Murphy one instead...:)

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I'll see if I can download Sami Murphy instead - good to get the views of more experienced runners - thanks.


I tried but found the music awful and think the voice over wasn't greatt either. Do you need a voice over though, at this stage is it not just start, run and then stop after x km?

Oldfloss has advised me of Sami Murphy so will download that instead. I'm working with an old ipod for podcasts and runkeeper app so won't have any idea of how far I've run until I'm finished hence the need for a voice over

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Here is the link to the Sammy Murphy podcasts...wouldn't recommend doing three long runs in one week though...

Or this link...

Good luck 😊x

Thanks for link - see its in zip form but will work out how to get it to ipod. Will aim for two runs per week so thanks too for advice 😊

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Hi, download the files to your pc, and then use itunes to add them to your ipod.

You may feel that one of the Sammi runs, and just a 30 minute non stop run like Wk9 R3 of c25k or a stepping stones podcast is enough.

Happy running 😊 x

Brilliant. Thank you so much. I've managed to get the files over to an ipod.

I've downloaded the Stepping Stones podcast as well to see which one I prefer. I'm still so dependent on "that voice" telling me when to run/walk. Obviously I'm somone who likes being told what to do!! 🀣Xx

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I’m not sure what you have the Runkeeper app on, but am guessing a smart phone?

If you do decide you don’t need the podcasts, I did Juju’s 10k plan by just setting my Runkeeper app voice to update me on distance and pace both every 5 mins and every 0.5k. That way I knew when I’d done the correct distance (or half the correct distance for β€œout and back” longer runs), and had regular updates as I went along.

My daughter has told me I could set Runkeeper up to do what you've described - yes it's on my phone - and I may have a look at this later. I'm going with one of the podcasts meantime but it's certainly another option. Thanks so much for your advice - been very helpful πŸ‘

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