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watch tracker question


hello folks,

I need to buy a tracker, I can run 10K almost but that's about it. I was thinking of getting either a fitbit versa or a garmin 35 or garmin 235. For me, at this stage, I want to get the watch that looks the nicest. After about a year, I will replace it as I hope I'll be running half maratons by then :-) My budget is about £100 to £200, but I will probably buy a second hand one...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a Garmin 235 and it does everything I need. Used to have a Fitbit Blaze and the key differences I have noticed are 1) built in GPS is much more reliable than syncing with phone to use phone GPS and 2) the fact the Garmin is not touchscreen is a real bonus in wet weather when wet sleeves and rain would activate the touchscreen and pause my runs. The Garmin app isn’t as user friendly as Fitbit but I find the watch just works and tracks pretty much everything I need.

jedi_d in reply to tony_a

hi Tony, thanks for the quick reply. I have a few questions, is the garmin something you wear all the time to track your overall fitness? Which one looks the most stylish do you think? I want to wear it at work so wanted something looking smart. Sorry for so many questions, i think i'll get one this week.... I deserve it after running 10K!

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to jedi_d

Congrats on the 10K.

I wear mine all the time and I think it looks okay, but it is a bit plasticky and probably not as smart as a Fitbit Versa. The Garmin Fenix watches look very nice but are significantly more money - my next step at some point if I can justify it 😀

Probably best to find a shop where you can try them on and see what works for you if possible. On looks I would probably lean towards the Fitbit but as a running watch I’d go Garmin all the way. But it’s a very personal choice 😀


Hi jedi_d - congrats on the 10K! I have a Garmin 35 which I bought shortly after graduating C25k. It’s been very good tracking all I need with my activities which include running and gym work.

It syncs and uploads to Strava well too. I only wear it on activity days as prefer my own watch on ‘rest days’. It’s pretty bulky but not too bulky that it bothers me.

Good luck on your search. I chose mine on recommendation for a simple watch and within my price range. 😊


I went for the Garmin 235 as well. Agree it is a little plasticky and there are much nicer looking models higher up the range. I wear mine all the time and let it track sleep and resting heart rate.

It is perfect for my needs and links seamlessly with its own app as well as Strava. Having Garmin Connect basically gives you most of what you pay to get on Strava.

There are loads of other, good running watches out there - Fitbit, Polar, Suunto, Apple......

thank you all, I think I know what to do.... go to a shop and try them out.... but I'm leaning towards the garmin 35 as it's cheap, looks ok and does the trick :-)

Ripcurlrana71Graduate10 in reply to jedi_d

It really does. 😊

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to jedi_d

That’s my plan too, but I’m waiting for the next big Amazon sale...(thinking it will be Black Friday weekend). They got discounted pretty well last time Jay spotted an Amazon Prime day sale.

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to jedi_d

I love my Garmin 35 but use It mainly for walking and running. I bought mine from J Lewis as it was competitively priced, has an extra year warranty and you can get accidental damage cover for £10 extra. It Does everything I need it to do plus more.

I have the Garmin Forerunner 35 - a C25K graduation treat! I love it! Would’ve gone for the 235 if I could’ve afforded it but my budget wouldn’t allow. More than happy with my 35 though. I only wear it when running as it’s a bit bulky for my dainty wrists lol! I have a Fitbit Alta for day-to-day wear....


Garmin 235 here - delighted with it. But yes, the best thing to do is to try a few out.

Hi there..I just got my Garmin 35 ..I think for the price it's a great watch . A bit chunky but I can see it ..Which is a bonus ..Had a cheap tracker which was way out . The 35 is accurate and does walks and running for me that was essential .. ..I'm quite new to running ...I think it's a great first running watch ...😊😊


Another supporter of Garmin 235.

I wear mine all the time - tracks HR, sleep, steps etc all the time.

It is not the most beautiful of watches, however it is acceptable. Non-running folks just ignore it, but anyone who I meet who runs will always comment/ask about my running.

One 'hidden' benefit of these types of watches is the notifications from your phone. The 235 will flag up all the notifications from my phone. Sounds trivial, but it stops me needing to get my phone out of my pocket all the time.


Garmin Fenix 5s here.


Also Garmin 235. Love it for running - so clear and easy to read mid run. So far I still wear my Fitbit alta on a daily basis because it is so much smaller and neater, but I plan to give the garmin a try for general use rather than just for runs and see how I get on.

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