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GBM4 or 14K


Good Morning All

Well got up early even though it is Saturday but the temperature could go up here so 06:15 out the door can’t run yet because of the GBM but the doctors like you to walk so I did was averaging 1 km every 10 minutes so decided I would keep going till it got to hot or I ran out of energy any 2 hours and 23 minutes later I decided to stop temperature was going up a bit checked the Garmin and I had done 14km and I feel really chuffed with myself it will be interesting to see what the Doc says. Next target is to see if I can do the 21 km should take me about another hour but that does depend on which way I go.

For info GBM4 is a Glioblastoma Grade 4

Enjoy the weather but be careful


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Well done! How do you feel about the change of pace? Recently I had to walk instead of running for a while, and I was a bit worried I wouldn't enjoy myself as much. But I found actually ended up relishing the opportunity to take more in visually, and have the extra time to myself.

Hope you're feeling OK. It would indeed be interesting to find out what the doctor says, particularly as you up the distance. Keep us posted 😊

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Thank you I felt okay with the pace as I tried to work on 10 to 11 minutes pace the quickest I did was 9 and a half the slowest was about 11 but that was I think the last km. I wa quite pleased with what I had managed. I do feel fine and will do a little further on the 11th or 12th which is just before I go back to see the Doc and get my next dose of Chemo so will let you know the answer.

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Lovely - all the best!!


How are you Michael?

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