Fastest 10 k so far and it was brutal

Had my 5:30 lie in (not) but had a light snack of peanut butter on toast and a glass of water and out the door to see how far I could go 5 minute warm up done and start Down the slope onto the New England road kept it nice and steady got to the 2 km point 20 minutes done slowed a bit as didn't want to run out of energy later found the old railway line wow that slopes steep still got up it in one go starting to feel a little knackered it was quite humid with no wind kept going 7 km done in about an hour slowing down a bit more the 80 minute 10 km is close but not today nearly done 10 km 100 metres done in 89 minutes and 2 seconds. Definitely having two days rest now might run Tuesday or Wednesday weather permitting.

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  • Great stuff MOK, humidity makes it so hard doesn't it?

  • Certainly does the worst bit was the old railway line because you could see for quite a distance and any wind was blocked by the trees and hedges.

  • Great stuff, you are moving ever onwards.

    Two days rest after a long run is a great idea. My Saturday run has been knocked on the head because I had a very poor night's sleep last night, so hoping for tomorrow.

    I try to avoid long, flat, straight routes, they are boring. I would rather struggle up hills. A few years ago I went to run along the canalised banks of the River Exe, just to set a fast reference time for five and ten k. I was so bored after seven k that I gave up. Hills every time for me.

    Keep running, keep smiling

  • It was hot and humid last night here in Essex so assume same where you are so I am surprised I did as well as I did because it was definitely telling as I got to 9 km.

  • I don't like long, straight routes either. They are so demotivating!

  • That was the first time I had run that as it was some kids cycle route which I found on map my route and I thought I would see what it was like

  • Well done you!

  • Go you... getting there;:)

  • Thank you have to managed to get out for a little gentle run yet.

  • Been out..thank you... not fr.. two good little runs, but the run this morning, finished with a real twinge.. so I need to get that sorted :)

  • Take it slow and steady and hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

  • Oh I really hope so...thank you. As you know, slow and steady are my middle names.. so I cannot see what has happened. Flummoxed !

  • Sorry to read this Floss. Maybe more time? x

  • xx

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