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2nd Parkrun in the summer tour and a new PB!


Witney run last week and today, spurred on by the lovely weather and my new watch and my new socks and my new top I managed to somehow to pull it together and finish with a PB at the Chichester Parkrun. It’s 3 times round the park which has a 30 metre incline according to Strava. Now onto Peckham Rye next weekend which is a nice flat course, then onto Swansea, Oxford, Buckingham and Worthing. I’m doing as many as I can before I head back to the sandpit of Bahrain where there is 0 chance of running outside till late October/November. Happy running everyone! 😃

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Enjoy it while you can! 😁


Well done you! Keep up the good work ... happy running!


Hello Brian, is that the park next to the college. I live in Southsea so not far away from Chichester. Mind you, I’m not used to a 30m incline. At least it means there will be a downhill too. It must be unusual to be in UK when it is constantly hot, even though less so than UAE

Enjoy the rest of your Parkruns

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Hi Dexy, yes the one by the theatre and college. It’s good fun because the course is quite short and there’s always someone nearby or in the distance to focus on. I really dislike running downhill. I find it hurts my shins. The next run looks to be flat in Peckham though so it should be better. Really enjoying the weather but we need rain soon here. I miss rain 🙁

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I so agree. Southsea common is parched golden brown. I’ve never known it so early in the summer. I feel so sorry for the gardeners trying to keep the plants in the public areas going

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