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Garmin watches reduced


Morning all,

Just did a 6k in a time I’m aiming for ( all good work towards a better 10k time) just wanted to say that amazon prime sale has Garmin watches included ...I just brought myself one ( the wife is going to 💥...🤣🤣)

Decided that I’ve come on a massive journey since starting C25k , and the 10k club, and I deserved a reward , so I clicked “buy” and will now start decking out the dog house for at least one good nights sleep. Anyhow if anyone else is feeling brave they’ve been reduced .

Take care all

Happy running

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I know I got one too and its fab :)


Loving mine.

Tells me I only slept 5.5 hours last night. Apple Watch barely made it to bedtime if I ran.

BethMay in reply to Jay66UK

What model do you have Jay?

Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to BethMay

Forerunner 235. Loving it. First run in a minute, see how much I love it then!


Great stuff... I love my Garmin.. I gradually built up from my Forerunner 10.. ( husband is lovely and has bought them for me as treats, because he is proud of me ) .

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