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Replacement for Walkjogrun?


Did anyone on here use the Walkjogrun website to plot routes? I’ve just got to a point where I want to try running in different directions and it seems they’ve gone bust?

It was great for planning off road routes and working out roughly how far you’ll be going. Not sure google maps will be so useful if it’s off road.

Anyone know of anything similar out there?


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Google does work for off road. But I think it needs to be a marked trail or bridleway etc, it's no good for certain paths. But I have used its walk function to plan routes successfully. There are a lot of other resources out there if you look for them.

You can use the Mapmyrun website in a similar way to Walkjogrun. I have used both but from a computer rather than an app on a device.


I love marking out routes on the Mapometer app at home , either before or after a run.My only annoyance is that I have to reset it to Km e ery time I log on. You can have satellite, map or openstreet map.Happy mapping!

Thanks everyone. I found the mapometer website last night, I think the reason I was struggling to find something was down to the search terms I was using. Google is great, but only if you know what the thing you’re looking for is called 😆

It works so similar to Walkjogrun did that I was wondering if it was a reincarnation of their site.

Anyway, mission accomplished, I managed to plot out the new run I had in mind and found it was way too long for the 4K I had intended to do today, so It saved me a trip across town and I’ve saved the route cos it’ll make a nice 10k in a few weeks time 😎🏃🏻‍♂️

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