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Started 10 is the magic number today!

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Started with the 5.5k run today, as l usually do my longer run on Sunday mornings. It was great, with 6 PR!! My only concern is that l am not sure how to slow my pace for the longer runs. I know that sounds nuts, but l didn't feel like l was running faster but l obviously was! I won't manage the longer runs at this pace, any advice please.๐Ÿ˜„

Good luck to all starting the programme ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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Could try tieing your shoelaces together ๐Ÿ‘


Good pace there! How about a different route with a couple of hills in there? I find slow, gradual climbs slow me down. Of course, you'll speed up going down the other side. Hmmm, different music ??


Fabulous! I found when doing my 3k yesterday I was faster than normal but know I couldnโ€™t keep it up on the longer runs. I just start slower on those and stick to that pace. As long as my breathing is not laboured I know Iโ€™m ok. I find speeding up is much easier than slowing down! Doing week 2 run 2 tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Avoid downhill at the beginning of the run. I find If I set my pace on a downhill section I then find it difficult to slowdown. Pick the music you start with to help set your pace.

Sorry misunderstood, you started with the 5.5k long

Lovely problem for you to have.

You know that the recommendations for 3 runs per week,

1x hard run, normally the shorter speed intervals

1x 5k easier run,

1x longer easier run.

Recommendations, no two hard runs consecutively, hard/ easy ratio 20/80, some say 10/90.

But it is your programme and there is quite a bit of flexibility.

I have no techie gear so just use self assessed Borg 1-10 exertion Number.

Also you can do the runs in any weekly order to suit your schedule.

If you push yourself on intervals and follow that initially with either easy short and long run and throw a hill, as someone suggested that will slow you down.

Also, sensibly without increasing injury risk you could apply TP rule to some of your weekly runs?, and in your case your Sunday long run with the blessing of our Panther leader, I would suggest,? I would have thought and providing you have built up good miles in your legs.

Atb with your magic 10 journey.

I am a panther cub like you.

Nice problem for you,

the one thing that REALLY made me realise how much slower I could go, was running alongside someone who was walking. Perhaps you won't even feel like you are running and that might put you off. But it helped. I don't run *that* slowly but the memory is there! Also, shorten stride, don't push hard off. Along with all the other tips here, apart from pinkaardvark, he's no help :P


Well done, and a shedload of PRโ€™s too :) Will be doing my first โ€œmagic numberโ€ run later this morning.

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