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Post holiday run!

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Had a week in beautiful Sardinia last week. Was too hot and hilly were we staying to run although did do a bit of walking.

Pre hols only managed to get out once and post holiday been pre-occupied with sorting out house/mountain of washing generated from taking 3 kids away for a week!

I did a rubbish 1k run earlier in week stopped because too damn hot! Always said I didn’t have legs for shorts but starting to think I need some.

Got up at 5am by time I had got rid of gremlins it was 6.15. Planned an hourish run but because I dithered only managed half an hour as needed to be home to do school run. Sunday is the day that I will start getting back to it. I am planning to run full 10K within next 2 weeks. Will get there eventually!

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Well done, it sounds like you have a very busy life..... well done for managing to get out 😎

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Nothing wrong with a 1k run; those short runs keep things ticking over. Also I find I get more of a buzz with shorter runs. I did 10k this morning, as you know, (only my third - well one of those was actually 11k) but I’ve been knackered all day since. Glad I did it and the route was lovely, but not the same buzz as a sub 5k run. I think we learn and gain different things with different speeds or distances x

Shorts are great. Makes such a difference! Good luck with the 10k mission 🙂

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No rush you”ll get there 😃👍

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I just bought shorts I got a pair of good uns for a fiver Pockets either side and I can swim in them

I have never run in shorts ☺️

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I bought some on Saturday they are a bit shorter when I put them on than they looked in shop! Think I will do some early morning jogs in them when very few people are about!

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