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Chased by mosquitoes - voracious coaches?!


Did my 3rd and final run in Berlin on Sunday after a late wedding ceilidh dance the night before (I was playing, not dancing ). The mossies were vicious during the ceilidh so much Mosiguard was applied. Next morning, a tad cooler, I headed out for my interval training run into the woodland next to the hotel. Thought I'd pause briefly to reset the audio feedback on Endomondo - VERY bad idea! Mossies attacked from all directions - a huge cloud of them! They certainly made me sprint off rather faster than intended, and kept me motivated to keep on running no matter what! So - does anyone know how fast mossies can fly? I got out of the woods and into hotter sunnier meadowland asap, where they didn't seem to be bothering the people ambling along with dogs and kiddies. :)

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