Death by jelly babies

So here's the plan - long run Sunday's I'm carrying water and trailing out something to eat. But by crikey those jelly babies certainly take your mind off the running. Half way in I tried to eat 1. The darn thing got stuck in my tooth Then as I fished it out it stuck to my finger, then I swallowed him whole because I was turning into a sticky mess. Then I thought maybe one wasn't enough and I tried a small handful. But trying to breathe and chew and prevent my jaw from getting welded together with tooth cavity inducing babies isn't my idea of fun. any body got any other bright ideas or will I need to run with wet wipes next😳🍭

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  • I would ditch the jelly babies. Anything sticky drives me nuts, so I prefer to run with nuts if I run with anything at all. I hardly ever do though. You could add something to your drink. Vita coconut water is good. A little bit of good old sea salt in water is ok (just a tiny bit that is)

  • Yes I'll have a go with nuts next week. Cheers!!

  • Hi misswobble - do you add water to the coconut water, or just have it 'neat'. Do you not find it a bit sickly for running, or not too bad ? I like it, but not sure how refreshing i'd find it when running :-)

  • Thanks for the post. Made me smile. :-)

    Jelly beans work well. (Not sure if I've actually eaten them while running or just before though.... Might have to get some and try it.)

  • I make my own 'energy bites' and yesterday took a few of those with me when I did a long run. They seemed to work fine, they were relatively easy to munch on (although I did slow down to a walk, but that made a nice break anyway). They seemed to work well in combating the '90 minute wobble' that I got the week before - I had one at 30/60/90 mins :-)

  • If you don't mind sharing - how do you make your energy bites please? Looking for tried and tested recipes to have a go at.

  • No problem - I originally found the recipe thanks to a link that someone else posted on the forum anyway (so thank you whoever that was !)

    I don't use the protein powder. I use 120g almonds (no walnuts) and 120g dates and all the other ingredients as in the recipe. I use the cheaper dates rather than the medjool ones and find they work just as well, especially if you soak them for about 15 mins beforehand.

    The whole family has been converted onto eating these - the fridge now always contains a container full of them to nibble on :-)

  • You are welcome :-)

    They are good, aren't they?

  • I really like the sound of these but am not a huge fan of coconut - any ideas of a good alternative?

  • You can't really taste it, give it a go!

  • Think I will!

  • An alternative recipe, without the coconut oil:

  • Jelly babies wouldn't work for me either, though I love 'em. I have an energy bar (flapjack with fruit and a chocolate like coating) before I run and the gels during the run at 5 or 6 k intervals. If you go down this road, try different makes as they can be a bit tricky digestively.

  • I don't tend to take food or drink with me as I only run for just over an hour but I think nots sound OK as long as I wouldn't choke on them!

  • So stoopid question, but where do you carry your mid run snackettes? My phone fills the belt I wear & my keys are normally in my zippy bum pocket (when I have one)

  • Very good question actually! Also, water, how do you carry water?

  • I bought a belt thingy last week and did an inaugural long run with it yesterday. I thought it was going to be a pain and jiggle about all the time, but it was surprisingly unnoticeable. Luckily the one I bought has two zipped sections, so I could put my phone in one (so got rid of the armband it used to be in) and managed to squeeze my energy bites wrapped in tin foil in the other.

    I've got one of those water bottles with a handle formed into the bottle for water - although I might need to get a bigger one once it starts getting warmer.

    Keys (and tissues) go in the zippy bum pocket :-)

  • Thank you!

    All this paraphernalia, it makes me think: probably better to stick to short runs...


  • Yes - it's getting to be a bit of a pain remembering it all and getting it packed - but I felt like I was having a picnic halfway round - it was fab :-D

  • I have a belt with a large pouch for an old phone and gels. There's also a holder for a water bottle. I carry a fiver in a plastic bag in the back pocket of my tights usually.

  • I've only tried jelly babies once - and nearly choked as I just couldn't get it to go down. Then it got stuck and I couldn't breathe. So packet discarded. Had trouble with Gummy Bears too.

  • I wouldn't take nuts, risk of them going down the wrong way would be too great.

  • I don't normally take anything but if it's 17 k or upwards I'd take something. I make my own energy bars but you have to keep them away from your body heat. I put mine in the pocket of my jacket which is tied round my middle. I take them out with me frozen, and by the time I've got into my run, and taken my jacket off they will be fine to eat when I reach the half way mark or wherever.

    I don't normally take a drink as I hate carrying stuff but on my last 10 k race I took Vita coconut water and found it very good. For training runs water would suffice, if you had to take something. Bit of seasalt in there perhaps.

  • When I have taken them before it was the dust that got everywhere!!! I do have to take something or at 8 miles I really wobble, so I rather like dextrose tablets that you get from the chemist. They are easy and dissolve in the mouth. I take a couple every 3 miles and I am doing 20 miles on Sunday and i will have a SIS energy bar half way which are also really good but quite chewy...!! I dont take anything unless the run is more that 8 miles. good luck!!

  • That's a great idea - I might get some this weekend to try. I know exactly the ones you mean. I'm no where near that sort of mileage but I'm extending my long runs and don't want to feel quite so depleted!

  • They are cheap too and fit neatly in a pocket :)

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