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Windsor Women's 10k

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For someone who had been struggling with running, last week something weird happened.

My 5k struggle turned into an ankle deep in mud, dripping from head to toe in rain and water from cars splashing but enjoyable 6k. Then Saturday I accidentally ran 7k!

On 15th May I am running the gauntlet games 5k in Winchester with a group of friends but on Sunday evening I decided to sign up for the Windsor Women's 10k late September.

I think I have finally succumbed to the dreaded running bug.

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...resistance is futile... you are most definately addicted!🙂

I always swore I wouldn't let myself come down with it! Now, I need some new running tops :P

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Sandraj39Graduate10 in reply to LittleNell83

...well of course you do!😉🙂

in reply to LittleNell83

Ooh, running gear💗💗💗

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Are you planning to enter only those races starting with 'Win'?

Good thinking! 😀

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I use to work in Windsor and loved shopping there but never ran there ☹️ as we moved away from the area. I so wish I had.

I've heard that race is a good one so I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. And Windsor will be in tip top condition after the wedding 🙂

And welcome to the Runners' Addicted Club 🤗

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