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First time going over 10k - fuel?


I currently run with nothing other than a door key - no food or drink. But I understand that to run further I should think about fuel. If I want to get up to 15k how much of what should I take with me? I think others have indicated that i should be having something every 5k and I know some of you use jelly babies. Is this one jelly baby every 5k? I am just worrying about carrying stuff with me.

As a side note I am coeliac and lactose intolerant so not keen on the gels I see for sale in shops as they appear to be packed full of stuff I have to avoid.

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I asked a similar question a couple of months ago when I started doing longer distances and the general consensus seemed to be that for anything up to 15k you really don't need to refuel during the race, just make sure you are hydrated beforehand. The benefits seem to be mainly psychological. I ran 14k a few weeks back without taking anything during the run.

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to ChrisAllen1

Ok, i can always see how i go continuing as I am - I'm a slow coach but like not taking stuff with me.

I've heard the wall is not until about 22miles in actual fact so maybe anything up to HM is fine? Or maybe it's totally individual when you get to the wall? I have been fine so far.


I use orange juice mixed with water and some pink Himalayan salt, then use dried mango as fuel. Both the orange juice and mango have carbs in them and the Himalayan salt helps with the electrolytes. I use the drink for anything over 10km in the winter or 7km in the summer. The mango I tend to use for anything over 2 hours training. I sweat a lot and am a slow runner so I tend to be out training for longer than some speedier runners so require fuel at smaller distances because it takes me longer.

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

I am pretty slow too - I think 15k will take me about 1hr 45mins when I get there and i am also a sweaty person. So thanks for the thoughts and i will have a think about whether I need a bit more over summer at shorter distances.

I like mango and that wasn't one I had thought of and salt is a new one to me too!! I'll start experimenting with both. Thanks!!


Dates for me on runs longer than 12K and you need to start taking fuel earlier than your body needs it. Everyone is different so start experimenting and find what works for you. But I think natural food is way better than gels.

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Oooh, dates! How do you carry them? They're very sticky!! Something to try. But yeah, natural is definitely best for me although I do love jelly babies...

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Sweatyfaced

I put them in a little plastic food bag and tuck that into my run belt. You do need a mouthful of water with them though. I hate jelly babies 😣

I use dates too, loosely wrapped in foil in belt. You only need a couple, i cut them up. Also a little box of raisins is good.


I like the convenience of gels. Not got anything against real food lol just I find the packets easy and convenient to carry. I have them for a treat as much as a requirement. For 10k I may have one at 6 or 7k but definitely don't need it. For 15k I may have one at 7 and 12k, again not really needed but it gives me a little treat/pick up. I have the sports in science gels or Sis gels. I do need to determine how to carry a fluid easily as well though especially as I will be switching to shorts and losing my handy running hoody.


Have a look at tailwind, mixes with water and lots of different flavours, works for me!


Just wanted to say well done on getting to beyond 10k! I have no idea on fuel, other than I felt a bit empty at 10k a couple of times and I fancied trying jelly babies as they seem easy to melt down and a good excuse to have some! Good luck :)

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to Fishypieface

I wish I didn't need an excuse to have jelly babies!!


I'm a key only sort too. I also seem to have a very dry mouth all the time during a run (although I'm well hydrated before a run and never thirsty during). I don't think I could eat anything too cloying to tell you the truth (chocolate/jelly babies). I have tried glucose tablets though and they do make my mouth water sufficiently, so may go with a few of those to take at 12-15k for my HM in May.

Another nod for Tailwind. I've only used them twice (on 16k runs) but they mix easily with water and are pleasant to drink. They're natural ingredients. I was trying them to see how they are before getting to longer distances and needing something, there were no GI issues. One sachet is about 200 cals and the 16k was done on that and a cup of tea before setting out which is usual for me.

I usually have sugar free gum with me to stop my mouth drying out and have given up on jelly babies after nearly choking on them a couple of times. I also have some Tribe bars but haven't used them yet. Tailwind is online and in shops. Tribe is only on line - it is a subscription but you don't have to buy regularly.

There are lots of useful belts out there that are comfortable and let you carry say, keys, phone, tissues, small treats with small water bottles attached. I was a late adopter of carrying a phone but now think it is a good idea - just in case. As I'm often out in the countryside I do have a whistle with me too. These only go with me on long runs though short ones are keys and phone only and fit in my tights/shorts/tops/pockets.

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to AnnieW55

I'm thinking of a flip-belt; my leggings have massive pockets but they're getting a bit big and can't see new ones with similar pockets so think a carry belt is going to be the way to go!

AnnieW55 in reply to Sweatyfaced

Flip belts get a good press. If you're going to carry water check out online for the various kinds (only saying that as I hate to have anything in my hands - the donut type bottles weren't for me). You can twizzle the belts round to access the bottles and twizzle back again if necessary.

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to AnnieW55

Was thinking that if I went down the flip belt route, I would probably go the whole hog and get their flat compatible water bottles. I didn't even like wearing gloves during the beast from the east so that's how much i don't like stuff in my hands!!

AnnieW55 in reply to Sweatyfaced

Didn't realise they did bottle ones - thanks. Need to have a look myself now 😀

SweatyfacedGraduate10 in reply to AnnieW55

The belt seems to be standard and then you can buy various add ons which include two sizes of flat water bottle. Presume you could carry two or more bottles!


Another Tailwind fan here 🙋. Not sickening sweet, all in one fuel, and decent tasting. I tend to struggle with low blood sugars so will often take something for immediately after my run for my drive home -


Thanks all, you're all fab! Gonna try each of your suggestions and see how i get on. I'll report back!

Happy running! Xxx

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