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cracked the 10k


It's amazing to think that on the 21st October I could barely run for one minute. On the 8th December I finished week 9 and became a proud graduate. The following week I made it to a 5k in about 32 minutes. Over the next few weeks this crept up to 6k, then 7.5 - then 8k. Even so, 10k was a vague fantasy; the stuff of dreams, the holy grail. and now I've done it! It was slow - 1hr 9 minutes - but every step was glorious! Just needed to post this here as want to tell people who understand.

Am going to celebrate ...

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LOL, I had to check for a moment that this wasn't my post! I graduated 16 weeks ago and settled with my 5k runs three times a week. Then one day, I ran on to 5.5 and my mind wondered if more might be possible, so did 6, then a 7! In a moment of madness on a run round the lake, thought maybe as I had reached 7, if I staggered on to 10k, would I die? But I didn't, so I've done 10k a few more times and even because I was still a way from home, struggled and did 13!

Can't believe it, can you?? Then I did something very mad, booked a half marathon place for September! I am 52, still a stone overweight so I am formulating my Julie lives to tell the tale plan right now 😳!

Half marathon! Am filled with admiration. Go for it! You're an inspiration x

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to shinyhappy123

Don't admire me yet, I could b deluded! Let us see how the training goes LOL


Well done shinyhappy! Its such a fantastic feeling isn't it and I think you can he proud of that time too! I did my first 10k at the weekend and am still basking in the joy now! Go celebrate!!☺☺

Yes! Although it's Dry January I will think of something! A little treat...


Well done. You did it! It is an amazing feeling having got that one under your belt 😊

Celebrations indeed🎉🎉🎉

Thank you misswobble!


Congratulations!! 1hr 9min is not slow!!

It was a steady pace, wanted to make it to the end , no galloping!

Thank you ! It felt fine as well. Finished without gasping or puffing so must be fitter x

Fantastic... Well done. Nice time too!

I graduated a few weeks before you and the furthest I have run so far is 9km. Hoping to do 10k pretty soon.

Thanks! When I got to 8km I felt fine, just another 2km, what's that? Just over a mile I thought. Oh noooooo!!! What's the worst that can happen, thought I. Worst case scenario, will have run further than I have before. Win win situation!

Thank you lovely people xx. I am so chuffed. Not bad I think for a 54 yr old exercise avoiding couch spud. bloody love running 🤗

simonwilliamstutorGraduate10 in reply to shinyhappy123

Me too! Never thought I'd be a regular runner until I got to about week 3 in C25K.

That's not slow for a first time. There are folks at my RC who do it in 1:30. You'll be sub 1hr before you know it. I have gone from 1:04:30 to 1:00:57 over the last few weeks. I expect to be sub 1 hr next time I go for it. In training I don't always (and you shouldn't) go for it.


That's such good progress!😊congratulations! Just shows what can change in just a few short months! Hope you enjoyed your treat 😆


It's a revelation isn't it ☺ we can actually run!

Just take care now. It's important not to overrun. Take care, rein yourself in speed and distance wise as the emphasis has to be strength building. Take time with your development and have a great time doing it. The best bit is exploring new routes ☺

wise words. Was thinking of a combo of 2 x 5k runs and 1 10k a week for a while - that seems to be the general idea. Now I know in my head I can do the 10k I feel quite relaxed. I might even enter a few 5k charity runs that are coning up and see how that goes. It's exciting to even think I feel confident enough to do this. And now my hub wants to give it a go and is on week 2 as I type. Even daughter has downloaded the app. I'd love it to be a family thing so this is good news xx

I know just what you feel like. Trouble is I spent the next three months in denial that I wanted to do a HM. My first HM in training was the same except even better.

So as you finish your next 15km run you can tell yourself that you are definitely just running a bit further so you can finish 10km strong, and you are DEFINITELY not trying for a HM.


Does sound very familiar. I've been running indoors for about 3 months now given the weather around the NW coast of the UK has been horrid. Graduated on the treadmill so knew i would have to increase my stamina for going back onto the road in the spring through distance and incline. As with your steps, i got to 6k, 7.5, 8.2 then 10k but your 'slow' 1hr 9 was quicker than mine! On the treadmill it was a constant 7.5kmph. Already started the faster runs and this mornings 5k was a PB, but still relatively slow 35 mins.

Next steps are to break the 30 mins 5k, and then get to an hour at 10k.

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