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ALMOST ready for 5210k


I'm a few weeks from superstardom yet (W7R1 tomorrow) but I am SO keen that I'm planning. The important stuff first - I will be buying new running gear tomorrow to be worn once I have graduated and I plan to start epilating my runners legs (currently still in winter foliage) in preparation for shorter (although not short) leggings. Next, I will be joining the local running club. What is available in terms of apps, podcasts etch and will my darling Michael Jordon be available?

I would allow myself to quiver in anticipation but I'm saving my energy for my 6am run tomorrow.

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Epliating?? Goes to google... 😁😁


Yes, the winter gorilla legs are next on my list too. Dont want to scare people as I whizz past 😂

msanni in reply to FlickM3

I'm more worried about the Velcro effect. I don't want to get my legs tangled and fall over!


Well done on your journey so far, and I’m so with you on the epilating 😉 there are a lot of options out there for 10k. We have a rolling plan on here that you are free to join. There will be one starting on the 20th of April if you are interested. Here is a link:

Happy running

msanni in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you ju-ju. I will have finished W9R3 on the 17th. The timing is perfect. 😊

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