Ready to start trying to cross the bridge

I'm sore today, ran on the track yesterday evening with the running club. We started with 6 laps of the track at a slow pace to warm up. Then exercises and stretches. Following that we did a timed 1 mile, which was 4 laps running as fast as I could. 45 of us started from the start line and the greyhounds were out of their traps and sprinting off into the distance as I tried to settle into an uncomfortable 5:30min/km pace. The faster guys and girls were lapping me as I entered the 3rd lap, they were well finished and recovering as I crossed the line for my last lap. I gave it my all and managed to finish in a time of 8:51 and breaking my record by 4 seconds. Following that 4 more slow laps to cool down and more stretches, lunges and exrecises.

I'm proud of myself this year. I completed the C25K plan on the 22nd of June after starting in April. I then spent time consolidating my 5K runs 3 times a week, so far have completed 12 Parkruns and volunteered at 3 Parkruns. I joined a fantastic running club with a mix of all ages and speeds, the warmest and friendliest club I have ever been involved with. I entered my first 5K road race a few weeks ago finishing in position 202 and a time of 29:56 breaking through (barely) the 30min 5K barrier. I am so happy to have achieved so much, this time last year I could not have dreamt that I would be doing what I am now doing.

The C25K Forum has been an amazing resource and over the past few weeks I have been visiting and reading posts from the Bridge to 10k forum. I am now ready to start increasing my distance. I'm going to take my time, increase my distance slowly and slow down my pace, I'm going to forget about PB's until the season next year. Next years plan is to enjoy running 5k races with the running club and take part in a couple of 10k events. But for now I am going to take time to slowly but surely build up my endurance and increase my distance so as that hopefully by the end of October I will be running 10K.

Thanks for all the support and advice so far. Looking forward to the next part of the journey and reaching the 10K finish line before winter kicks in.


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  • The route to 10k can be paved with gold if you go at it nice and steady, do some cross training and generally take care. Longer, slow runs are lovely. Savour them like good cheese 😋

  • Wow! What an amazing year you have had! Really good luck with your Bridge to 10k - it is a great distance and I am sure you will love it. Look forward to reading about your progress here! 🙂

  • Well done Damien but as for your first paragraph? That's the reason I haven't joined a running club. Sounds like a nightmare to me 😄

  • Ha ha, but after the pain we all went into the club house for Tea/Coffee and biscuits. That part is worth it.

  • Well, that part I could cope with 😄

  • Congratulations on an amazing milestone year! All the best of luck with the next phase and I'll be running there with you! 🏃🏻👍🏼

  • Hey Damien, it sounds like you are going from strength to strength! Good luck on your journey across the bridge 😊 (I'm still at the stage of being amazed each time I finish a 5k, sub 30 and10k are still a little way off for me.)

  • You are doing brilliantly! Great idea now to focus on the longer distances, and for that you will have to slow down for a while. Enjoy!

  • Most of us had no idea where the consequences of C25K would take us. You have discovered a new you, Damien and sound very happy to have done so.

    Good luck with the onward journey.

  • Thanks so much. Yes I genuinely have found a new me, I don't recognize him anymore. Running is such a wonderful sport. Would not be still running if not for this Forum and all the support and advice along the way. I'm still very much a newbie in every way, but really enjoying it.

  • It is great that you recognise that you are still a newbie, so many rush off and do too much too soon, get injured and disillusioned.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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