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Slow Run. OMG that hurts!


Since completing C25K I have been kind of flailing about doing my own thing, from around 3 miles to 5 1/4 miles (my longest run), always running at around 11m/mile. After Parkrun on Saturday, I decided to follow a more structured plan to get me up to 10K, I hadn't thought of HU so I set up a plan using runkeeper. Today was day 1, 2miles at 14m/mile. Really slow, but it hurts! I would not have believed slow running could be so hard on the calves. Of course, I realise now it is because I was using only my lower legs at the slow pace, my form was way off. I think I will put my trust in Ju-Ju instead.

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Different plans work for different people... the one we do here is very simple and based on a review of all the plans out there. My suggestion is find what works for you. I hope you enjoy this plan, we are here to support you through whatever you choose to do 😎


That is one of the ideas behind the concept of slow running (actually the word should be "easy" ) - it uses muscles in your legs that otherwise don't get used when running at faster paces. I do have doubts about some of the VERY slow running paces that some calculators/programmes give - eg the ASICS App is notorious for ridiculously slow paces. I like to use Jack Daniels training and racing pace calculator here His training paces ( including a range of paces for slow easy running ( pace depends on the day and the distance) are based on a recent PB - if you are a parkrunner then you will have a PB that you can use. So, you can then use his paces in any training programme - 'easy" pace is easy pace, regardless of whether you are training for a 5K or a marathon.


You know it really is trial and error on this malarkey. I bought a 10k app involving a shouty American man - one run and he bugged me so much, I got really angry and spent most of my run telling him to ‘eff’ off.

ju-ju- ’s plan comes highly recommended, and she’s one of us. Well imho one of the best ones of us.

But you’re still going and committed and that is the best thing. Happy running with @ju-ju.


Have fun. You’re in good hands 😃👍🏃‍♂️

This sounds like me. I was flailing around running fast all the time. Until my postman saw me and asked me what I was doing !! He encouraged slower runs and then slowly increasing the distance. My legs were painful at the beginning just because of running slow but now I love it. My legs are stronger and I enjoy a variety of paces. Also able to tackle hills as just slow it down. I'm now kinda following ju-ju but regularly repeat weeks because i enjoy that distance and am in no hurry to extend it. Only thing is I now find myself looking at other runners and trying to work out if they are doing a long slow run or shorter fast one.

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