A recovery run and another PB

I have no idea what is going on! I am still on my 10k Asics plan in the getting faster with increasing distance section. Hubs ran in the Southampton event at the weekend so he was running with me for recovery as I am slower. I wasn't bothered about times today despite the plan so we ran 4.5 miles together. It all felt really good despite almost ending up on my face when a dog sprinted into us. At the first mile my watch told me I was slow for my 9.55 minute/mile pace so I ignored it! A short while later, hubs told me to slow down as I was running at 8.45min/mile pace, oops. We carry on round, up the incline and a flat last mile home, feeling good. I downloaded my Garmin and I have a new 5k pb of 28.46 today. My last pb was 29.36 last week! This training programme is really speeding me up at the moment, is this normal? I really hope the 10k time goes well as my previous 10k pb time was 64 minutes in February, a sub 60 minutes would be fab!

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  • That sounds fab, although setting a PB normally implies harder effort than "recovery run". On the other hand, why look a gift horse in the mouth? Well done!!

  • Technically I wasn't recovering, hubs was. He made a point of running with me as I am slower than him. He thought I would be a slow pacer but instead he was telling me to slow down lol. I was looking for a nice run without the pressure of time! Funny how it all works out isn't it?

  • Hey thanks for posting - that's encouraging. I'm using a MyAsics plan too so hopefully that proves they know what they are talking about (my 10k PB is the same as yours so you give me hope of improvement too!). Congratulations - great run! Take hubby with you on the next race day??

  • Hubs will have to watch on race day as it is women's running! I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment as there is one long drawn out incline. It broke me early in my running last year. This year I got up it ok ish in training but it still psyche me out when I see it!! Hopefully i will do the 10k route as part of my training. Are you training for a 10k race or for distance?

  • I'm focussing on trying to do the same as you have just done i.e. get a 5k under 30 minute (using a MyAsics plan; I'd just finished a 5mile plan that got me through a trail run on Easter Monday so set a new goal).

    I did my 10k PB time last year in an organised event. As I've done the 5M recently I thought I'd keep that up though, so once I've (hopefully) done the 30m 5k I'll do a 10k once every week in training, and an occasional 10k event. I'm never going to be a racer, but I think I need a goal or I start to get a bit lazy about going out.

  • Well you are living up to your name ;) well done! You confused me by saying that you are doing a 10k plan but then mentioned pace per mile! I am not sure if I will ever manage a 30 minute 5k, but you never know!

  • I never thought a sub 30 minute 5k was possible for me either. I really don't know how it has happened. The only thing I have done differently is to try a plan to keep me at 10k for an event in 5 weeks time. On the back of that plan I have smashed my 5k goal! This may be the quickest I will ever be of course lol.

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