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Sudden thigh pain ?

Good morning

I went for a 6 k run on Saturday as part of Juju’s 10k is the magic number. I felt great. Then yesterday morning I felt a little achy but went to a booked yoga workshop. Really enjoyed it. About 1 hour after the yoga session I experienced pain in the side of my thigh/ the Tensor Fascia Lata muscle / iliotibial tract. The pain got worse towards the evening / especially sitting / going up the stairs . It kept me up most of the night. I have been doing some gentle stretching .....

Any advice please? I am so annoyed with myself :-(

Thank you so much in advance

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Yoga is gonna stretch you and you can expect to feel it. More so if you’re not used to it

Maybe you did too much

Rest up. You can get some ice on it, which I really like It works! Play the ice over the painful area. You can do neurofen etc last thing at night if needs be

If it’s no better in a day or so then see your doc! 🙂

I have started gym And yoga, as well as running, but am experiencing aches and pains afterwards but mine has been fine after a day As we get stronger we should lose the niggles

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My TFL muscle on both sides went ping after a week of overdoing things back in Sept. Physiotherapy and about 4 weeks off running sorted me out. Turned out my glutes were weak and my other muscles had been overcompensating until they gave up in protest.

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Pretty much the same here. I was just told it seems to be inflamed bursae . Physio gave me some exercises and keep taking ibuprofen !



I had lots of back exercises to do, touch wood they seemed to sort me out. And now I feel my glutes engage when I run. Hope you are better soon.

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Thank you so much for all your advice . I am recovered - miracle :-)

Managed to go for a run this evening : 4K . Stretched properly before and after ! So happy :-)


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