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Garmin FR210 watch problem, help please...


Hi my Garmin won't shut down when I push the button, so is on all the time depleting the battery, also on the same button is the back light which isn't working either, but the various modes work on the other buttons OK.

Have tried resetting but nothing happens, it's like it's frozen in this respect. Could this be a software problem? What's the average life of these watches? it's probably 5 years old now. Maybe the techy expert on here can help out..

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Time for a new watch??

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

I didn't want to buy a new watch yet, though just seen the Garmin FR25 in sale for £79.99..

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to davelinks



Ooh my watch went bandy yesterday Maybe it’s a Garmin issue. Mine turned itself off soon as I switched it on. Fired it up again and it showed a flatline. Turned it on again and it worked ok, so set off, only to find it had lost its signal and stopped before 3km had elapsed

Fed up of tech. 😞 i read a solution to the poor Garmin battery problem yesterday If I throw more money at it I can carry a spare battery and charger combo 🙄


My 235 auto updated yesterday and stopped functioning correctly also. It updated some settings again today and is now ok. Have you tried holding down the power button for at least 15 seconds to reset it? (Note this may erase data or settings)

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Macmac

Tried that thanks.. as said in my post..😁

MacmacGraduate10 in reply to davelinks

Yes, I know you said you had reset it, but it was not clear if that was via menus or key press 😀. There are various resets via key press also. There is also a master reset using 3 buttons in a sequence...

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Macmac

There's no reset option in the menus, and no, it won't power off to be able to do a hard reset, no response from any keys pressed and held.. The only thing I can think of is to run the battery down completely then recharge and see if that helps or try a new battery but that will need soldering which I could do but, is it worth it?

Thanks for your help macmac.....😊


Mines sometimes turned itself on, battery seems OK as it holds the charge, it's not easy to change the battery anyway on this one which would need, for now I've contacted Garmin support for thier advice..😉


My 220 did that ages ago. I kept putting it in to charge to see if it would reboot it and eventually I think I let it run out completely then recharged it and it was ok but this was ages ago so I don’t know if it will help.

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thanks, I'll try that.. btw, well done with the half marathon..😊


Contact Garmin and ask. I’ve used them before and they were very responsive and helped me fix the problem.

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks, I contacted Garmin support yesterday, waiting for reply..

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